Freeridge Season 1 Ending: Is the Box Really Cursed?

Netflix’s ‘Freeridge,’ a spin-off of ‘On My Block,’ recounts the narrative of a group of friends who become caught in a confusing series of events after acquiring a strange box.

‘Freeridge,’ cut from the same cloth as its predecessor, has a lot of ups and downs in the lives of its four major characters.

The personal struggle with family ties plays a significant role in determining what happens to the characters.

We also see youngsters attempting to keep their romantic lives simple, only making everything worse for themselves.

So much has happened towards the end of the season that one can’t help but worry about where it will lead the characters. We’ll dissect that finish and see where things can go from here. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Freeridge Season 1 Recap

Gloria and Ines are sisters who have had a strained relationship since their mother’s death. Gloria believes that her younger sister continues to intrude on her life, particularly in her friend circle, and that it is time for them to part ways at school.

Meanwhile, their friend Cam is attempting to leave his relationship with his partner Andre, whom he regards as excessively clingy. Cam has affection for his best friend, Demi, but their relationship is difficult owing to something that happened when they were children.

All of their problems become more complicated when they come across a mystery box at a yard sale. Cam purchases the box from Geny and Ruben Martinez, the parents of ‘On My Block‘ star Ruby Martinez.

Soon after he leaves with it, a woman appears and offers to buy it for an unusually large fee. She also informs Gloria that the box is cursed, which creates an unsettling atmosphere for the four friends, especially as horrible things begin to happen in short succession.

Freeridge Season 1 Ending

Ending of Freeridge Season 1!

In the final episode, Mariluna makes a proposition to the teenagers. She agrees to give them one million which they can spend however they wish. Or, they can take three months to spend one million in a way that they can’t keep anything they buy.

If they succeed at it, they will get ten million in return. This is when Joker and his friend from the gang see her and believe she is Marisol, who they had heard about finding the Rollerworld money.

It looks like Mariluna has been shot, but we don’t actually see her dead body. This is the first time that any of Cinnamon’s predictions have come true.

Still, the show keeps toying with the nature of the curse, with the teenagers always wondering whether or not it’s real.

When she said that one sister would be the downfall of another, Gloria believed it was about her and Ines. In the end, it is Marisol who becomes the reason for Marilsuna’s downfall, making the prophecy come full.

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Is the Box Really Cursed?

The box belongs to Ruby’s grandmother, Marisol Martinez, who died some time ago. A medium tells them that the curse only becomes real if they really believe in it. If they choose to believe that it doesn’t exist, then the curse can’t affect them.

Freeridge Season 1 Ending

Gloria and Ines’ father’s cancer, Rusty’s faking his feelings and Mariluna’s shooting are just some of the bad things that happen to them because of the curse. The show also plays around with other supernatural elements, like predictions and ghosts.

With the increasing presence of these elements in the story, one can’t help but wonder if the curse might be real after all.

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