Forza Horizon 5 will be accessible to beginners because they want to attract more viewers

According to playground games, this new installment of Forza is more than just a simple driving game.

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After watching trailers and videos with games Forza Harrison5, Gives the game the appearance of being able to point to an installment dedicated to game owners. However, Mike Brown, The creative director of the title, shared a completely different opinion in a recent interview with the 3DJuegos team.

We will see multiple approaches within this installment“What would you say to new players who want to try for the title, but are you afraid it will be too hard for them?” We asked Brown, and he replied that we would see many Access Within this distribution.

“Those who are not interested in playing Forza Horizon 5 are not of this genre, it’s intimidating,” Brown said. “If the game is about racing, they think they won’t enjoy it.”

Forza Harrison5

Brown continued, “Once you taste this popular title, Forza is not such a title, but rather a Adventure game You control a vehicle. “One of our philosophies throughout the series is to make athletes motor sports enthusiasts and motorsport enthusiasts athletes.”

We want to turn gamers into car lovers and car lovers into gamersMike BrownIn keeping with this philosophy, Brown noted that a motor sports lover would start playing Forza and end up being an avid fan of the series, joining the Xbox family in the process. On the contrary, Brown reiterated Access This new installment, according to him, will be suitable for people from such a saga The killer’s belief Oh Grand Theft Auto.

During the same interview, Brown commented on some details about the game map, telling us how some changes are needed to improve the game. Public organization The final product.

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