Following in the footsteps of the treasure hunter in action, this is how Nathan Drake is going to look different in Unsort.

Shared animations show a set of movements and expressions of the rejected protagonist.

It has been raining heavily since the first phase started UntitledBut influence Nathan Drake Untitled: The Legacy of Thieves Collection still exists today, bringing back two of the owner’s adventures, and A picture Lands in theaters February. Today, A hobby I wanted to remember the treasure hunter Its initial stageWe already know when he will not even appear as the protagonist.

As you can see in the video-template you have at the beginning of this text, the Naughty Dog Team is going to select a Nathan Drake Completely different. Although some of the main characteristics of the character are preserved, such as a part of his costume or the actions he performs, just by looking at his character, he has really changed a lot. Face and hairstyle.

Unspecified 4: The end of a thief

As we have seen throughout the adventures of Nathan Drake, the prototype puts this unknown protagonist in various action situations. In addition, it shows Paintings Reflects the type of title and key scenes and settings of the adventure. In this way, the video will be interesting content for anyone interested in video game development or Uncharted’s creative process, beyond meeting the interested Nathan.

What do you think of old Nathan? To date, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves has been released as a port AmbitiousThen his Analysis We tell you that it offers some basic improvements. However, as a studio senior is abandoned, the naughty dog ​​may not say goodbye well to ownership. We have the opportunity to see more games.

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