Final goodbye to the Samsung Galaxy Note next December

We say goodbye to the Galaxy Note next December because they promise to stop production and sales of the Samsung Note 20 from Korea forever.

Seems to be The end of the Galaxy Note Is an endless story Galaxy Samsung, and of course there will be many more episodes in this soap opera where we live when the South Korean company is playing with our emotions. Without officially confirming or denying anything.

The truth is, we all know that Samsung is going Stop the Galaxy Note family, We have already seen The Galaxy S22 Ultra Designer integrates the S-Pen And all heredity ‘Note’, But we are opposed to thinking that many of us We will not see a new iteration first Papplets Industry, it is They did not even update their trademark record.

Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is officially the last member of the Samsung Note family.

The next move awaits us SamMobile The following is a list of sources related to Samsung in South Korea Suwon will stop production of the Galaxy Note20 next December, Will eventually mark a new milestone A family with a history In the smartphone market.

Obviously, this does not mean a sudden end, but will be Distributors and Retailers There will be a time to run out, But a Galaxy Note20 has never been rebuilt, or another of the new generations is the last nail in the coffin. Some Galaxy Note are already going through their last weeks In stores.

According to sources close to Samsung in South Korea, it looks like the Galaxy Note 20 will stop its production and sales next December, so we can already say goodbye to the market’s ‘phablet’ star.

Final goodbye? Samsung did not update the Galaxy Note brand

We have already mentioned that Samsung has not confirmed or denied, but has not done so for now If you want a Galaxy Note, you can use it Before anyone Offers from Good Friday, Because units of the Galaxy Note20 or Ultra version will no longer be available very soon. No upgrades by Samsung or other manufacturers.

No one wanted to compete with Samsung in offering their mobiles எழுத்தாணி, And if the rumors are confirmed There will be only one option with S-Pen and higher performance, Despite the enormous size and accompaniment More expensive Expected from Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Some of us still hope that sooner or later Samsung will bring ‘Note’, Although that is true The S22 Ultra, if confirmed by the leaked design, will be a worthy successor It has more in common with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. We must say goodbye!

From the Galaxy Note to the Note 20 Ultra, this is how Samsung’s family of giants came to be.

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