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Final Fantasy Vii Remake: Review Ps4 | Is This Game Remake Worth It?

Final Fantasy Vii Remake Review Ps4

Final Fantasy Vii Remake Review Ps4

Final Fantasy Vii Remake Review Ps4: Astonishingly, remakes of Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 were released within a week of each other, especially when their approaches to “remakes” couldn’t be more dissimilar.

Unlike RE3, which is a generally faithful adaptation of the original, Final Fantasy 7 is more of a total innovation than a remake.

It replaces turn-based combat with exhilarating real-time action and adds dozens of hours to the first part of the original plot.

Too Much Padding and Some Complex New Story Aspects; to Boot!

The long wait for this rebirth may not be a flawless reunion.

final fantasy vii remake review ps4
final fantasy vii remake review ps4
  • But it’s still a fantastic JRPG in its own right, nostalgia or not.
  • Of course, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is merely the first of a planned series of unknown length that will retell the whole story of the 1997 JRPG classic if it ever gets finished.
  • Only the events in the city of Midgar are covered in this game when Cloud Strife and his freedom-fighting companions combat the evil Shinra company that runs it.

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That means the first five hours of the original have been extended into a campaign that took me over 33 hours to complete, with a few optional stones still unturned.

Every Final Fantasy Game Is Reviewed on Ign

It’s a strange decision that causes some structural issues, but it also allows the city and its heroes to develop as compelling individuals over time.

final fantasy vii remake review ps4
final fantasy vii remake review ps4
  • Even tiny characters like Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge from Avalanche have had time to develop into nuanced and intriguing co-stars.
  • The new story alternates between shot-for-shot recreations of the original and welcome additions to previous sections.

And brand-new sceneries that offer either enticing fresh perspectives or pointlessly monotonous filler that causes you to traverse previously explored places regularly.

Make a Splash

Thankfully, FF7R’s combat serves as a guiding star through both new and old places, proving to be endlessly fascinating over dozens of hours and against over 100 distinct sorts of opponents.

  1. I was disappointed to learn that this remake will not retain the turn-based Active Time Battle (ATB) fighting of the original Final Fantasy 7, but the way that the classic system has been turned into real-time brawling is incredible.
  2. Even though you can only control one fighter at a time, you’ll be continually giving instructions to and switching between two more characters in the middle of a conflict.
  3. While you can use the square button to hack at foes all you want, doing so charges up your ATB bars, which you can then spend on unique weapon abilities, equippable spells, and goods.
  4. Pulling up the command menu to choose one of these items slows downtime, allowing you to choose actions for your entire team while still in combat.

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But that steady progression adds a level of anxiety to every decision that reminded me of the frenzied decision-making that the original elicited.

Button Slamming Isn’t Going to Get You Very Far

Every character also has a special ability mapped to the triangle that isn’t affected by ATB, like Cloud’s ability to transition to “Punisher Mode” for increased damage but slower speed.

  1. Tifa, on the other hand, has a massive finisher that is boosted by one of her talents. You can also dodge and guard at will, which you will do frequently.
  2. On Normal mode, it never became particularly difficult, but there’s enough depth in it that simply hitting square to unleash dazzling basic moves won’t get you very far.
  3. Enemies have a stagger gauge in addition to a health bar, which stuns them and amplifies the damage they suffer when full.
  4. The interesting twist is that every enemy’s stagger gauge fills in a different way, which is a technique we’re seeing more of these days.
  5. Sure, some of the more basic enemies, such as Wererats and Shinra soldiers, maybe defeated simply by hitting them repeatedly, but others may be vulnerable to specific elemental magic.
  6. Require you to dodge a specific attack or require you to cripple a body part to stun them.

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Those changes kept the battle interesting throughout the game, and I enjoyed solving the mystery of how to defeat each monster.

The Variety Is Also a Significant Reason Why Ff7r’s Boss Fights Are So Amazing

These cinematic showdowns are both terrifying and thrilling.

  1. Always multi-phase battles that rarely left me swinging my Buster Sword aimlessly.
  2. Returning bosses have also been reinvented, with what were formerly throwaway animals like the sewer-dwelling Abzu converted into epic battles with a newfound personality.
  3. These monsters have their unique moves to learn and avoid, as well as weak places that must be knocked out in a strategic order with the appropriate moves.
  4. And the way cutscenes are interwoven at key periods always makes me smile.
  5. And, while I enjoyed the spectacle of facing a gigantic monster or robot, some of my greatest battles were against human opponents.
  6. These close, frequently one-on-one duels are a perfect illustration of how FF7R has taken notes from the Kingdom Hearts playbook (not always to its good, but more on that later).

Each of these bosses is unique and exciting, but they all rely heavily on parries, avoiding, and waiting for your opportunity to open. In the best possible way, they play out like an overpowering anime duel.

Changing Characters Is Similar to Switching Weapons

Another crucial aspect of winning any battle is how you use your party.

final fantasy vii remake review ps4
final fantasy vii remake review ps4
  1. You’ll be able to fight with up to three of the four possible characters at the same time (with your team determined entirely by where you are in the story).
  2. The ones you don’t have direct control over will attack and defend adequately on their own, but not nearly as successful as when you do.
  3. They also won’t use ATB bars until you explicitly instruct them to, which you can do via the command menu.
  4. When you’re worried about the robot trying to pound your face, this juggling act of managing the ATB of three characters at once can be thrilling, and it’s straightforward enough that I got the hang of it faster than I expected.
  5. Because each character seems like a particular tool for a certain function, you’ll frequently need to alter the character you’re commanding directly.
  6. Barrett can more easily shoot down flying foes, Cloud can fast boost stagger, Tifa can inflict tremendous burst damage on vulnerable adversaries, and Aerith can send out large amounts of healing or magic damage as needed.
  7. Swapping between them seems more like switching weapons than humans in the middle of a fight, especially if you need to leap onto another character to charge their ATB for a specific move more rapidly.

While I spent the majority of my time using Cloud.

I found myself switching back and forth between them because they were all so much fun to use.

Weapon of Opposition

It’s also a fortunate thing that their playstyles are so dissimilar because any Materia can be assigned to any character.

  • These collected spheres can be inserted into equipment to grant spells and benefits to a character, allowing you to play as a mage, healer, tank, and so on.
  • Of your gathering (although their base stats do have some influence on that decision as well).

This flexibility is appealing, and as the plot shifted my party composition, I found myself shifting Materia and roles regularly.

The Pc Version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is a Simple; Bare-bones Port

But It’s Enticing on High Settings

  1. So, the inevitable has occurred.
  2. Intergrade, the PS5 update that contained a bonus chapter, arrived a year after the PS4 release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
  3. Sony’s monopoly on this reincarnation of a classic was ceded six months to the day following Intergrade’s debut, according to the PC version.
  4. After a few more days, the PC edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available as an Epic Games Store exclusive. I’ve been playing it since the beginning.
  5. What else can I say? To begin with, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the year’s top games.
  6. It’s admirable for several reasons, the most important of which is how it manages the legacy of one of the most important games of all time, as well as the fan expectations that come with it.
  7. Even more admirable is how, after carefully holding those expectations for the majority of the game, it then roughs them up and throws them out the window.
  8. However, he avoids tossing the baby out with the bathwater neatly. The sequels may be a complete disaster.
  9. We believe that the way the FF7 Remake handles itself is a masterclass, and far more inventive than many of the other remakes out there.
  10. It is, however, a fantastic game. It’s a more action-oriented recreation of FF7’s famous ‘Active Time Battle’ RPG mechanics.
  11. The finest way Final Fantasy has managed to merge old and new is with a direct-control affair.
  12. And the series has experimented with variants on that premise for the better part of a decade, with varied results.

In summary, it’s a game worth playing, and it’s now available on PC to a whole new audience.

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