Filmmaker John Carpenter considers Hollow Infinite to be the best video game in history

Elon Musk, founder of 343 Industries and director of Halloween and The Think was encouraged to respond on the networks.

The halo is infinite Did not enjoy easy growth, but fortunately the game has changed Definitely a must see sniper. Even so Marcus Lotto, Co-creator of the rights Congratulations to 343 industry To have “Regained the spell“Saga’s. But this time, it’s been a personality outside the industry who did not hesitate to praise Hollow Infinite. Halloween night Y That means, John Carpenter.

This is not the first time The filmmaker shares his love for video games, With the boot Horizon: Zero dawn, Carpenter guerrilla title “A visually stunning video game with a very addictive gameplay“. He also admitted to being interested Learn how to play Destiny 2, On other topics.

Carpenter has highlighted his product designCarpenter has been playing Hollow Infinite and seems to like it. The director shared his feelings from his Twitter profile, where he defined it A fun shooter with beautiful product design. He liked it as much as it puts it The best halo of history, These are big words if you take into account the best references we see in Master Chief ownership.

Founder and President of 343 Businesses, Pony Rose, Surprised by the filmmaker’s statements, Thank you for spending your time in the world of Hollow Infinite And took the opportunity to congratulate him on his birthday in advance. He also added comments about the game Elon Musk also acknowledged that he enjoyed the campaign. Out of 343 businesses they are very satisfied with the introduction of Hollow Infinite. They promise to ask the community to improve the future.

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