Are You Facing Problems in the Apex Legends Server Like Received Incorrect Player Data?

In Apex Legends, we’ve learned a lot about the disconnected server received bad player data issue, and here’s what we know.

Apex Legends has launched a new Warriors Collection Event, which includes the addition of the new Crypto Heirloom, Biwon Blade, to the game’s inventory. As has been the case with the majority of Heirlooms that have been published before in the game, players who purchase all of the collection goods will be handed the Heirloom without the need to collect the Heirloom Shards.

In addition, there is a reward tracker for the event, where players will be able to collect Apex Packs as well as cosmetics for certain Legends by participating. When you have accumulated 3,000 points, you will be eligible to get a free Mirage Skin, which is known as High Contrast and is of Epic rarity.

 Facing Problems in the Apex Legends Server

Apart from that, you may obtain Legendary-rare weapon skins for the 30-30 Repeater such as Dose of Madness and Beyond the Wheel. You can also obtain Legendary-rare L-Star skins such as Beyond the Wheel and Dose of Madness.

Additionally, the much anticipated Control Mode LTM has returned, although it will only be accessible for the two weeks that the event will be running. It is expected to return at some point in the future and will eventually become a permanent mode, although no specific date has been set for its return.

Disconnecting From Apex Legends Because the Server Received Incorrect Player Data

Some difficulties have been noticed in Apex Legends recently, and one of the issues that have been mentioned is that players are seeing a message stating that they have reached the following level:

A disconnect occurred because the server received bad player data from storage that was not included in the manifest.

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There is no indication that this occurs at random, and you can keep pressing continue to attempt to get back into the game. If this does not work, there is another workaround that requires you to exit the game and then attempt to enter the lobby. The notification may appear again when you reload the game, but after one or two attempts at pressing continue, you should be able to play the game again.

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