Facebook’s own creator of Metawares notices some issues: “It could be a trap”

John Cormack This is a very heavy name in the field of technology. Currently Chief Executive Officer (CTO) From Oculus, Facebook’s virtual reality headset, one of the creators of the historical video game Saga. Disaster. Because of that, many follow him closely and listen to his words as an almost revealed truth. And even more so if warned about some limitations Metaverse presented by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday this week.

When he is optimistic about the ideaMetaVerso“For a long time, he noted some limitations that may appear when thinking about this ambitious plan that Facebook will use to change the public image that has been dragged down these weeks.

Co-founder of IT Software (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake Also) a good part of his speech was skeptical of metawares projects.

“I am very concerned about metawares and believe in this vision,” said Cormack, before quickly adding, “I have been arguing very vigorously against every metawares effort the company has tried to build locally in the past. Acquisition“, Shooting.

John Cormack, CTO of Oculus, talked about metaverse.  Photo Twitter

John Cormack, CTO of Oculus, talked about metaverse. Photo Twitter

“The most obvious path for metawares is that you have a global application Roblox“He explained about the popular game that millions of people interact with every day.” I doubt if an application will take care of everything, “he said.

“I don’t think it’s a player or a company I ended up making all the right decisions for this“, He said.

The idea of ​​metawares, says Cormack, “Can be a trap for‘ architectural astronauts ’, Programmers and designers who “want to see things from a higher level,” he explained while avoiding “nuts and bolt details on how these things actually work”.

“We want to talk in very brief terms about how we’re getting common objects that other objects have,” said Cormack, known as “architectural astronauts.”

“But here we are,” Cormack continued. “Mark Zuckerberg has decided that now is the time to create metawares, Big gears are implemented, resources flow and effort will definitely be made ”, he explained.

Doom, an important experience

Doom is a video game released in 1993 by IT software by Cormac and John Romero.  Photo ID is smooth

Doom is a video game released in 1993 by IT software by Cormac and John Romero. Photo ID is smooth

Karmak used his own experience of creating doomsday as an example of “the value of concrete product-based thinking.” Instead of writing abstract game machines, he wrote gamesSome technologies have become so reusable that they can be used for other thingsHe explained.

When Doom was launched in 1993, John Cormack released the full source code for the PC Gamer community to adapt to their liking – an industry role model he has pursued throughout his career.

This is why Carmack does not accept the notion of specific hardware Especially marketed as “metaware-based”.

Metmavers-style applications “will work well on Quest 2,” Carmack said, adding other features of future hardware such as FaceTracking and Project Cambria. “They are not important for experience, and it can be very expensive.”

Cormac said it believes virtual reality hardware will eventually cover the same wide range of price and quality options as smartphones, from the most basic to $ 2,000 worth

“Preparing for the future and planning a broader generalization of things risks making it more difficult to do the things you do. Trying to do today“In the name of what is expected to happen tomorrow,” he warned.

However, when Carmack spoke with some approval for specific meta products such as Horizon Worlds and Horizon Workrooms, the general distrust of the introduction got back on track. “Users can clearly determine the value they bring”.

“Interacting with other incarnations in work rooms is more interesting than looking at the wall of faces in particular. Zoom inCormack said. “You have to use materials to get value from them“, Sentenced.

Technical issues

Mark Zuckerberg showed up this week "MetaVerso".  Facebook photo

Mark Zuckerberg showed up on “Metavers” this week. Facebook photo

Carmack said it can be difficult to bring large-scale VR meetings into today’s VR hardware, especially if you prefer “Simultaneously increase the reliability and quality of the avatars involved.”

“Are we all aiming for the right goals with social change?” Carmack asked rhetorically.

His conclusions, for the time being, seem to be slightly more contradictory than those of Mark Zuckerberg.

Your full speech at the presentation

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