Extraordinary Season 1 Ending: Does Jen Get Her Power?

Emma Moran’s ‘Extraordinary‘ is a British superhero comedic television series. It takes place in a world where the majority of the population possesses some form of superpower, some more visible than others.

Jen, a young woman, struggles to fit in due to her lack of abilities. Jen shares a home with her best friend Carrie and Carrie’s boyfriend, Kash.

The trio faces adulthood’s obstacles, although with a superpowered twist and plenty of filthy humour. The first season concludes with a gratifying climax but without answering some of the important issues regarding its characters.

If you’re searching for a thorough dive into the ending of ‘Extraordinary,’ go no further!

Extraordinary Season 1 Ending

Extraordinary Ending: Does Jen Get Her Power?

Jen’s journey to realise her power is central to the series. She feels like an outcast in a society full of people with extraordinary abilities.

Jen believes her lack of abilities is holding her back and preventing her from advancing in her career. Jen hunts for her power throughout the first season but to no effect. She tries to enrol in the Clinic but does not have the necessary funds.

Jen finds she has feelings for Jizzlord in the season finale. However, she first struggles to embrace his significance in her life.

Similarly, Jen has a strained relationship with her mother, and her father has died. She fails to recognise her mother’s desire to be present for her.

Jen eventually realises her mistake and makes amends with her mother. While her mother offers to pay for her treatment at the Clinic, he lacks the necessary funds.

Gordon finally resolves to assist Jen with the payment. He says Jen inspired him to use his abilities to help others. As a result, the season concludes without Jen finding her power. She gains optimism, though, after getting the funds to visit the Clinic.

Nonetheless, Jen’s self-realization is a power in itself that sets her apart from everyone, inspires others, and extends unparalleled kindness.

However, Jen’s personality might only hint at her actual power, and the season ends with Jen taking the first step to its discovery.

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