NYC Police Drones? Eric Adams Sees New Tech for NYPD!

Because of the unprecedented levels of violence that have plagued Mayor Eric Adams’ first three months in office, the mayor is reportedly contemplating providing the police department with new drones in order to crack down on crime in New York City.

Adams’ staff is said to have begun conversations with two drone manufacturers after the mayor attended an event earlier in March when the technology was showcased and expressed interest in it. According to the New York Post, Israeli-based Blue White Robotics and Brooklyn-based Easy Aerial may be able to provide the city with the eyes in the sky that Adams desires.

NYC Police Drones? Eric Adams Sees New Tech for NYPD

Ben Alfi, CEO of Blue White Robotics, claimed his company’s drones might assist police respond to crimes more quickly and prevent crimes from occurring using technology that allows officers to activate flashing lights and provide audio warnings to deter criminal activity.

Meantime, the CEO of Easy Ariel told the newspaper that by sending a team of only ten drones, the city could respond to any location in Manhattan within minutes. They range in price from $70,000 to $100,000 per unit.

Each of the drones would be outfitted with night vision cameras, but they would not be able to “offer facial recognition” or be weaponized in any way. The police would get video feeds from the drone cameras, which they would then transmit to them.

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Adams was apparently interested in deploying the high-flying technology along roofs in areas with a high incidence of crime, reports said. They would also be linked to the New York Police Department’s ShotSpotter program.

There are now 14 drones in the possession of the NYPD, which are employed to keep a watch on special occasions and in certain hostage discussions. Those were put into operation back in December of last year.

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