Elton Ring spoilers are still lurking online, now software informs us

Because the output of the game is so close, players may encounter leaks that destroy their experience.

If there’s anything worse than the classic ‘You’re Dead’ banner in software software, it’s Eat adventure spoilers. Especially if we talk Elton Ring, Its open world aims at unprecedented discovery in souls. We have already warned The web was filled with leaksDespite this threat The last few days have been more. Now, Software Echo this issue and navigate carefully.

Elton asks software not to spread ring spoilersWith a message on Twitter, the developers are warning about the possibility of finding spoilers at any time and advising to respect the preferences of the players who want to start the game. Without any information. “As the Elton Ring release approaches soon, be wary of spoilers who want to experience the Midlands for the first time. Clear eyes. Thank you for your kind cooperation. “

It is known that the software can no longer stop the string of spoilers that already take place on the Internet, but this news can reach players who have not yet found any spoilers on the network. In this way, a user experience is possible Will remain unchanged Thanks to the teachers ’reminder, this will allow for a more valuable first contact with the game.

There are still a few days to taste the new Miyazaki, so it already smells Excitement in the air. Wants to raise expectations even higher from the software A trailer Really epic, from 3DJuegos we are already getting ready for adventure Very positive first few hours And Special Dedicated to his classes: 10 options We have compiled in a special package with its key features and tips.

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