Elton Ring and Geoj RR Martin: The creator of Game of Thrones, this is how the game went down in history.

George R.R.  Martin
George R.R. Martin

Among the many factors that make up Elton Ring A hit, a feature participation that attracted attention even before its release George R.R. MartinHe used his ability to imagine fantastic worlds and collaborated to create the background of the game.

Although this is not the first time he has mentioned this, Hidetaka Miyazaki – Director of Elton Ring- Reiterates what the writer’s impact was on the story of the new From Software title.

Martin’s legends have given us various inspirations from the earliest stages of development. This story reflects the complex and interesting relationship between mystery and warrior, and gives us many layers of depth that we can call a story, “Miyazaki explained in an interview. Famitsu.

George RR Martin also celebrated the Elton Ring victory
George R. R. Martin also celebrated the Elton Ring victory

In the interview, even the creator He said he explained to Martin the general idea of ​​where to take the story of the gameAlthough iconic elements such as the big gold tree were concepts, they did not appear later in the process.

“At first, it was not called the ‘Ring’, but I think there was talk of a film about the Ring of Elton (the Spanish name for the game) and the possibility of it being broken. I think not. “

A few days ago, George R.R. Martin He posted a post on his blog in which he highlighted the success of the game and had the opportunity to acknowledge the role of its creators. “Of course, almost all debts have to go Hidetaka Miyazaki And the amazing team of designers who have been working on this game for half a decade or more has decided to create the best video game of all time. I am proud to know them and to have worked with them – albeit small – to play a role in creating this wonderful world.”, He revealed.

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