Elon Musk cancels collaboration just hours after Jenshi’s impact was announced

The miHoYo millionaire had created a competition to play his title.

Jenshi’s impact Its anime style with raw trends has not only captivated the proposal, but also the community Update regularly Games with Dozens of collaborations. However, no one expected to be willing to interact with myHoYo Millionaire Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX released the most bizarre tweets known as the director. Fortunately, fans of the title They refused Must have personality associated with Jenshi’s impact, so myHoYo Has canceled the idea A few hours after the proposal on Twitter.

Elon Musk wanted to streamline the impact of Mihoyo JenshiHow did the combination of these worlds come about? It started when Jenshin Impact posted a contest on the aforementioned social network, in which according to the number of ‘RTs’ in the community, the developer I will communicate in different ways With Elon Musk. In this sense, the proposals were meant to appease the millionaire Make a streaming As a result of Jenshi’s influence and ultimate reward, personality is called for Visit the miHoYo offices In Shanghai. What could go wrong.

The impact of Jenshin

Now Elon Musk wants a role for himself in the impact of JenshiAs expected, most communities raised their complaints against the developer’s idea, which led to the proposal being canceled. Shortly after the introduction. So, myHoYo already Has deleted the post We explained in the previous paragraph and at least want to forget the idea at this point. Unfortunately, the avalanche of reviews and comments managed to reach the other side of the ocean, giving Elon Musk the opportunity to discover the game and Have your own character Within that.

Finally, it has been added to Mihoyo’s latest movement, which has attracted the attention of a good part of the players because of the arrival of the character Jenshin Impact. Ella Kasturi, A young woman studying an imaginary language. However, although this raises doubts for anyone who has heard of Elon Musk, Mihoyo promises They are not relevant.

So, in spite of everything, accumulating some was just scary at all 20.000 ‘RT’ In the short time that Mihoyo has kept the idea active. With this in mind, I like to think that there are really big developers Listen to the complaints of their communitySo, at least for now, We will not cooperate Jenshi’s influence and one of the richest in the world. So, if you want to experience the open world created by Miyo and completely free from the influence of Elon Musk, you have the Gensh impact on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch And mobiles.

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