December 1, 2021

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eFootball is trying to fix many bugs in the boot with its first update

EFootball 2022 video game will be released for free on September 30, 2010. Video Game Studio Konami Football Simulation Game eFootball 2022 has been announced worldwide on September 30. September via PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam on PC. Konami Research and Technology Policy

Start eFootball This is not something that anyone expects. The new PES was said to be a “revolutionary football experience” that would come with a new football “to recreate a perfect football atmosphere that transcends the players’ movements, from the grass to the stand on the field.” Impact engine on animation system and game controls. However, once the degree reached the players, the disappointment was widespread.

Although from Konami They highlighted that the final product was more interesting than they had anticipated, which prompted them to drop the PES brand to enter the new world of virtual football in the hands of a new name. But Game Trapped in bugs And started with memes that grew exponentially before user complaints and failures in re-creating players’ sections. The reaction was so severe that initially the game was badly rated on Steam.

Entering the former PES ‘free-to-play world is no better. In this situation, they decided to give an answer to their followers from Konami and promised a link to fix the infinity of unresolved errors for the publication. In communications, the purpose of the update is to correct errors that players have already reported and to observe what they report from that moment on.

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“This work will be constantly updated, the quality will improve and the content will continue to be added. Starting next week, we will be preparing for an update in October, while receiving feedback from our players through questionnaires, ”they said.

Originally, the scheduled date was October 28, but it was postponed to the beginning of November. “We would like to inform all users that we have decided to delay the release of Version 0.9.1 In early November. We sincerely apologize for this delay and any inconvenience. We hope to allow more time to ensure that the experience improves for all users, ”they explained when confirming the date change.

Now it’s time to finally get to know this new version, which will bring the game a little closer to the expectations raised in the previous release. Through a post through their networks and the official site, they explained that this update will only fix bugs, so there will be no change in other features.

The report also highlights that they will continue to work on improvements to the game through future updates. Although it was made clear before its launch that the version of the game was not final and that new functions and modes would be added through the update schedule, no one expected this to be the result. This first patch is going to fix some basic bugs, but eFootball fans still have a long way to go to see the game they are looking forward to.

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