Dr. Wonder, vehicles and so on

Cooperation with Marvel continues, along with Iron Man and the Black Widow in the fight against the Imagine Order.

It’s been a few months Chapter 3 broke on the island Famous war-royal from epic games Big changes And a lot more New collaborations. Fortnight closed in with the most epic chapter 2 The island we knew was back At sea. Since then, there have been star appearances like this first season The most dangerous bounty hunter in Star WarsEven better Tom Holland Nathan came to the island like Drake.

Dr Strange and Marauder come to FortniteBut finally, Epic Games has provided His new season And did not leave anyone indifferent. The trailer starts with a bang Merciless bitch war Against Imagine Order, in rich scene Giant war vehicles: Large tanks, chaplains, armored buses and trucks enter Season 2 with new enemies and allies.

The island sky is full of zeppelinsMarvel’s presence in Fortnite collaborations is more up to date than ever, and will be with us, as we saw in the trailer for this season 2 of Chapter 3 Maradi with Dr. SloanImagine creates a part of the order Stephen Strange Comes with Iron man and black widow Save the day.

The collaboration comes just months before its premiere Dr. is strange in the diversity of madnessThe new film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will describe the events that follow Spider-Man: No Way Home. All of these come with one Link 20.00 For season 2, the opposition, Available from todayMarch 20.

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