Download these 19 video games for Nintendo Switch for free

A developer offers 19 games for Nintendo Switch users (Photo: Europa Press)
A developer offers 19 games for Nintendo Switch users (Photo: Europa Press)

If you have already finished yours Games And wants to explore New topics Within it Nintendo Switch, We have the best way to have more hours of entertainment without investing even a dollar. Developer No gravity games Will make available Their 19 titles are completely free on eShop So anyone can get them.

Indie has a wide variety of games that are willing to share with one condition: the user subscribes to it Newsletter, You can find the same This link. Once subscribed, you can receive Download code From the first game on the list: Pirate: Everyone on board!.

After completing that single step, you can start playing the title and participate in eShop to get the other 18 titles you can claim from next December 1st. No need for codes or payments.

Games available:

No Gravity Games Offer 19 Free Games (Photo: Screenshot)
No Gravity Games Offer 19 Free Games (Photo: Screenshot)

– Star Horizon.

– Creepy story.

– Do battle.

-Strike Force Kitty.

-Pool Pro Gold.

– Drag racing competitors.


-Alder’s Bluff: Firm.

There are other topics available for review directly on eSHop. It should be noted that they will be claimed on different dates, the developer will announce through the newsletter they registered to receive the first game.

New version in two weeks Sports Awards While releasing the content of the games of 2022 and beyond, the gamer world is getting ready to celebrate the best titles of 2021. All of this is to be expected Jeff Keekley, The main person of the event, but there is a third pillar, it will say again this year present: demos.

Video Games Nominated for Game Awards 2021 (Photo: Special)
Video Games Nominated for Game Awards 2021 (Photo: Special)

Digital Store Microsoft Carelessly revealed two demos that will be available in the frame Sports Awards 2021. One of them No one saved the world, Created the action header with the rookie elements Dringbox Studios (Quakkameli), Which will seldom come in 2022. Other sports Mind scanners, Created Outer zone, Which landed on the system in May and reaches Nintendo Switch, Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S Next November 30. Demos of these games will appear in the store with the legendary “TGA21Demo”, but will not be available for download at this time.

In previous editions of The Game Awards, different sites and digital stores launched festivals with more than 100 demos, with recommended games and future titles offering items during the festival. The idea is to follow such important career events E3 Oh Gamescom, Which gives their participants the opportunity to try out a greater number of experiences than anyone else.

Keekley also conducted Summer Sports Festival, A multi-month celebration that includes various industrial events that take place between June and August. The idea emerged after a massive cancellation of face-to-face conferences last year. At the demo festival Steam The most interesting answer is that it is impossible to access these events to test recently announced video games with developers. To learn more about the topics, special broadcasts with development teams are also conducted on the PC Game Store.

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