Download Stubs Zombie for free on PC with Epic Games and announce its next prize

The creators of Fortnite are saving calls for brainwashing in a classic way that was re-released earlier this year.


Time to eat the brain. Epic Sports Shop It has been updated and allows you to download it for free until next Thursday. Prevents zombies in rebels without pulse, Invites players PC To show the living that law and order are not competitors to a dead man with a clear mission.

Stumpy Zombie in Rebellion Without Pulse, in particular, you have to travel to the city of Punjab (Pennsylvania) In the late 1950s Consuming too much raw meat is something that is necessary if the protagonist wants to survive and progress through the game until he creates a fearful army of guides to live. Despite its remote release date, Stumpies Zombie in Rebel was re-released earlier this year without Pulse. The video game is also available on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Prevents zombies in rebels without pulse

This is not the only gift of the epic sports store. These days, the Fortnight Parent Store invites you to buy the Epic Pack for free Baladins, Which immediately opens up the four champions (Androxas, Ram, Tyra and Ying) and makeup for each of the hero-shooter characters in Evil Mojo Games and High-Res Studio.

Starting next week, the Epic Games Store will offer its users and other interested parties In sleep: Updated version, first person horror adventure released on PC many years ago Control a two-year-old child After waking up at midnight with mysterious sounds, he begins to explore the darkness for comfort.

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