Do you have a Galaxy S22 Ultra? Well, since the repair is so complicated, pray that it does not break.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a real ‘premium’ smartphone even in its internal construction, however JerryRigEverything has already warned: “it’s well built because it’s hard to fix”.

Seems to have succeeded Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Continues through Key analysis tables Of industry, Andro4all is included where we have fully reviewed it So you can Please check all details first According to my colleague Christian, it is a smartphone “Very good, very large and very specific”.

Very interesting, however, are some of these in general youtubers Most famous as Zack Nelson They destroy cell phones costing 500 1,500 In this case, to show us that Samsung has better designed its mission The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a real rockWith Almost indestructible chassis From The shield is aluminum And Gorilla Glass Victus + Glass.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Teardown by JerryRigEverything

According to JerryRigEverything, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is very well made, though it is very complicated to repair.

Some evidence of being in charge of a popular channel Jerry Rick is everything Just finished The Galaxy S22 is releasing the full rip of the Ultra, and it really is Premium In its conceptual and internal construction, South Korean art is clearly exposed to its negative effects. The complexity of its repairs Due to some design results.

In any case, do not worry, because Failures are not common on these devices Now we present to you the video of Sack Their results on components and repairs Finally Flagpole From Samsung.

According to JerryRigEverything, the new Galaxy S22 Ultra is designed by Samsung with several very important cable bands, a lot of glue to fix its battery and a separate plate, as it is difficult to repair if it breaks down. Great photo system.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is rock solid, and JerryRigEverything confirms it with its rigorous testing

This is how the Galaxy S22 Ultra is extracted, and here is all the complexity it offers.

What is true Accessing the interior of the new Samsung S22 Ultra is not too complicatedAnd these glass and metal sandwiches always allow only access to their interior Slightly heat the glue to remove the rear window Carefully thank you for a choice or plastic tool.

Anyway, the amenities end there, because you will see the Galaxy S22 Ultra Gifts Many independent boardsWaterproof box for S-Pen, which controls the space in the lower right part of the back and A pair of cables that are very sensitive. Not in vain, Zach Nelson himself “charges” something that connects to the screen, preventing it from working once the terminal is reloaded.

The dimensions of the cameras are impressive, as well as its independent palette A specific sensor can make it difficult to adjust If the photo system crashes, the volume may need to be changed completely. See how that is The sensors are installed without additional protection on the plateKeeping its covers and safety glass anchored to the Gorilla Glass rear panel.

Another important component Battery, well plugged The glue was hard to remove, and it forced Jerry RickEverything Use isopropyl alcohol Can weaken it and take it.

On the contrary, it can be seen How well designed and built This Galaxy S22 Ultra, impressive miniaturization of other components and Using almost unthinkable spaceThis extends up to IP68 protection, especially against liquids and dust Well-preserved S-Pen.

The internal design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is very complex and sensitive, and Jack Nelson could not operate it and could not use it after the reset because the cable connecting the screen breaks during operation.

So we’ll see Very thick plastic block that protects the S-Pen and makes the device waterproofAs you might expect it greatly restricts space for battery and other components.

So it seems Samsung’s design and engineering jobs have received good marksCreating a smartphone with proven durability and good quality, Complicated design and complication of device repair In case of breakdowns of some components such as lithium battery or defects of others.

Of course we were expecting a result like this, so no one should be too surprised … If you spend the money available for the S22 Ultra, see how resistant it is!

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