Do not look above, or better yet yes: many asteroids can approach Earth without being detected

A team of astronauts funded by NASA has warned Many asteroids approach Earth undetected, According to an article available on the website of the scientific journal Icarus, which will be published next month.

then what In 2019, an asteroid with a diameter of about 100 meters will travel at full speed at a speed of 70,000 kilometers. Discovered 24 hours ago from our planet, scientists conducted an investigation to prevent similar events.

whats going on?

Methods of managing observation telescopes looking for celestial bodies are designed to detect moving objects, which are taken into account when they approach the Earth. As the planet rotates east on its axis they appear to move westward in the sky.

However, as asteroids approach our planet from the eastern part of the sky, the Earth spins and Their curved orbits around the sun can make celestial objects stable, Which will lead to confusion in the scientific community.

“Studies should pay special attention to exploring the sky in this direction and actively following new objects moving slowly,” the text reads, adding that 50% of asteroids approaching Earth from the east could be experienced. Periods of slow motion that make detection difficult.

Said Richard Vinescott, a professor at the University of Hawaii and principal professor of research.People “should not lose sleep” about the possibility of our planet being affected By the impact of a “catastrophic asteroid”.

However, the astronomer pointed it out It is necessary to observe celestial bodies that can move close to the earth So, if one of them is found to pose a real risk, something can be done about it to minimize the consequences.

The United States Congress assigned the task to NASA Identify asteroids 140 meters in diameter or larger than 90%. Similarly, it has been reported that the US space agency is developing methods to prevent this kind of impact on Earth RT.

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