DeLorean DMC reborn as an electric sports car in 2022

The company that owns the rights to DeLorean is reviving the old name for an electric sports car, which will be launched in 2022.

Texas based DeLorean Motor Company Formed by British engineer Stephen Wynn, who acquired the rights to the company’s original name and trademark in 1995, he previewed its recent trial on a DeLorean DMC mid-engine in a cryptic tweet emphasizing limited details.

It will be called the DeLorean EVolved in reference to its electric motor, and accompanying tags indicate that it will focus more on luxury than the original 1981-1982 Focus.

This isn’t the first time the revived brand has hinted at plans to bring back DMC. Last year, 40 years since the car was launched, the design house Italdesign showed a similar teaser image, indicating that they are collaborating on the project.

Italdesign was founded by respected designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who was responsible for shaping the original DMC stainless steel body.

It’s unclear if the new DeLorean will be too faithful to the original design to go with an unpainted steel finish, but at least it will have similar gull-wing doors.

In 2016, a new, low-volume manufacturing invoice gave the DeLorean Motor Company the green light to build an ongoing series of 300 stops of original-spec DMCs, but regulations didn’t take effect until 2019, and there was no confirmation that the company was continuing these plans in tandem. With the launch of EVolved.

No word has been given on the powertrain resource, but significantly Italdesign recently signed a partnership agreement with Britain’s Williams Advanced Engineeringin which the two will collaborate on an open source EV platform for manufacturers of low-volume vehicles.

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