Daycar’s creator’s new survival game Icarus delivers its release content on PC

It will arrive this week and will have a 64 sq km map to explore.

We met in June 2020 Icarus, New project from the creator DayZ It invites players to endure the wild alien nature of the planet that gives adventure its name, while at the same time exploring, harvesting, creating and hunting their environment.

The survival title opens with this Steam on December 3rd And is under development Rocketworks, Attempting to print the background of an important plot behind it, proposes to travel towards the greatest error of mankind in space exploration, which has become a mockery of what a world destined to be a second Earth might be like now.

A Mail On the Valve platform, the details and content that the game brings to its launch were discussed. The map contains an area 64 square kilometers, With terrain to explore through 35 different trips ranging from days to weeks.


It consists of 35 different tasks that last from days to weeksIn addition, it has 40 types of weapons and ammunition, more than 95 building parts, 35 armored parts and 15 production zones. More than 140 objects That we can create. Similarly, 11 different minerals available for extraction are featured, as well as new language support, Includes Spanish.

Icarus will be coming to PC this Friday Various test betas The title can be changed. If you buy it during the week of departure, it will be available for a price 22.49 euros, With Release Discount from Steam. In addition, if you prefer this type of approach, we propose List with six survival games You need to add it to your wishlist.

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