Criticism of players reduces the attendance of ‘metahumans’

GSC Game World has released a statement in which it has finalized plans to incorporate blockchain technology into its game.

The The interest of companies in NFTs is increasing This is obvious, with serious challenges like betting Its first steps in Ubisoft Quartz and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Or legacy, the author’s game of fiction, Peter Molinex, It already is Has earned nearly 50 million euros Not yet released.

The study completed its projects in a single dayThe last study to access this new and emerging market GSC Sports World, Announces An ambitious project to introduce blockchain technology In the game and thus, his community “had a part Stalker 2“To achieve this goal, promised to be included in the study”metahumanos“.

Auctions to invest in these NFTs Scheduled for January 2022However, the general reaction was very negative, the study said Not a day to come back Announced the cancellation of all NFT plans for STALKER 2 with everything. They did it through a Twitter report from their official account.

The interests of our fans and players are given the highest priorityGSC Sports WorldThe GSC Game World message addresses the audience directly and refers to the ideas that have arisen on the basis of the message. “We listened to your comments and based on the feedback we received, we decided Cancel anything related to NFTs in STALKER 2. Our interests Fans and players are paramount For the team. We make this game for you to enjoy, no matter what the price. If you care, we care. “GSC Game World is not the only one that has received an unfavorable response from the public to these types of projects, Ubisoft recently urged Remove the quartz trailer after the avalanche of negative votes.

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