Complex Sky: How to Build Futuristic City with Strategic and Puzzle Components?

Complex SKY is a single-developer city-building simulator with strategic and puzzle components. The players are placed into a post-apocalyptic sci-fi scenario and given the job of constructing their own metropolis in the skies among numerous floating islands. You may create multi-tiered buildings that reach for kilometers in the game, or you can build your metropolis upside-down by flipping your main island.

The game also includes crafting, as well as the ability to investigate new technologies and unearth secret upgrade chains, with many surprises in store for those who take the time to make the most of their tiny paradise.

Complex SKY Game Play

Complex Sky

In COMPLEX SKY, a futuristic city building game, you may build cities both vertically and horizontally thanks to a revolutionary design method.

The planet is in ruins due to pollution, and it is up to you to establish a totally self-sustaining metropolis in the sky and populate it with human residents.

Make a planet that is not bound by gravity. Develop the world’s ecosystems, link structures into magnificent shapes, acquire materials, establish production chains, and develop the world’s resources in order to construct a fully automated, self-sustaining metropolis in the sky.

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A city-building game with puzzle and strategic elements created by a single person is combined in a genre-bending blend in COMPLEX SKY.

Complex Sky Features

Complex Sky

The major features of Complex SKY are

  • City-Building
  • Factory-Building

Building a city in a one-of-a-kind setting. Manage a complicated item manufacturing chain. Control how each object flows from one structure to the next. Send those newly produced items from a factory or farm to your folks. Pollution from factories may either destroy the ecosystem or follow the Eco-Way to rescue the day. Control a burgeoning city without becoming bankrupt.

One-of-a-Kind Setting

Use your Y-axis to your advantage as you develop your city upwards or below! Enjoy the floating islands that encircle your city and mine minerals from them.

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Each structure has its own set of construction characteristics and dynamics.

Automation and Production

As you create your city, you will find many methods to automate and scale up your production.

Technology Investigation

The primary method to proceed through the game is to research new technologies for your city, which includes accumulating and unlocking different goods and resources. Each new technology will bring something new to the table, perhaps significantly extending the game.

Workforce and Population

You will also be responsible for meeting the requirements of your people, and you will need to keep a watch on different sorts of inhabitants in order for your city to function successfully.

Logistics of Items

You don’t have to physically transfer products between buildings all the time; instead, you may set up intricate production and transportation networks to reduce your effort. Some structures will also have one-of-a-kind transportation options.

Restoration of the Environment

You will also be required to work on restoring the ecosystem, which has been wrecked as a result of a large catastrophe. You will be able to grow more trees and enhance your mining capability as you repair your ecosystem.

City Stats

  • WEIGHT: Keep an eye on this stat to keep your city together.
  • POLLUTION: Allowing pollution to grow will progressively destroy your people and stymie your efforts to clean the environment.
  • CITY OFFICIAL: You’ll need to keep an eye on your city’s power levels, and you’ll need a lot of power to keep all of those moving components moving! As you go through the game, you will find new statuses.

Gameplay Modes

  • SANDBOX: Create anything you want with no constraints.
  • CHALLENGE: The recommended approach for newbies to play Complex SKY. It will be necessary for you to do research on new technologies and acquire resources for your constructions.

Characteristics of Life Quality

Complex SKY is jam-packed with features and keyboard shortcuts to help you get the most out of your experience.

Game Content

Complex Sky presently have

  • 25+ Structures & Modules
  • 30 or more items
  • 60+ technologies, the majority of which are used to unlock new buildings and advance in the game.
  • 4 City Resources to Monitor Pollution, Gravity Engine, Park, City Controller
  • The “Worker” population was the first to migrate to the city.
  • The second class upgraded from “Worker” is “Operator.”

How to run Complex SKY?

Complex Sky

To play Complex SKY, you’ll need a CPU that’s at least as powerful as an Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz. According to the Complex SKY system requirements, you will need at least 6 GB of RAM. Furthermore, the game makers suggest that you have at least 4 GB of RAM on your PC. Complex SKY requires at least 1 GB of free disc space to be installed. You may play the game if you have at least an ATI FireGL T2-128 graphics card. However, the creators suggest an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card.

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Complex SKY will operate on PCs running Windows 10 and later.

Test your machine against the Complex SKY system requirements automatically. Use our free, simple detection tool to see whether your PC is capable of running the game, or inputting your system manually.

Complex SKY – Gameplay Trailer

Complex Blue Studio unveiled the Complex SKY urban planning method, which includes the potential to develop cities both vertically and horizontally. Buildings cling to flying islands at the same time.


COMPLEX SKY is a future city-building game with a one-of-a-kind design system that allows you to construct the metropolis both up and below! Pollution is wreaking havoc on the planet, and it’s up to you to build a self-sustaining metropolis in the sky and fill it with human inhabitants.

Create a planet that is not bound by gravity. Build a fully automated, self-sustaining metropolis amid the sky by combining structures into wonderful patterns, gathering materials, creating production chains, and developing the world’s ecosystems.

COMPLEX SKY, created by a single creator, is a genre-bending combination of city-building gameplay with puzzle and strategic components.

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