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As the new original animation from the studio Cloverworks, Tokyo 24-k (Tokyo Twenty-fourth Ward), Its premiere is approaching January 5th, Chief Animation Director, Kimonori Ido, Has been expressing pessimistic thoughts about the animation product on his Twitter account. Not only did he openly state that the production was significantly delayed, but he also sadly predicted that the animation would break down in future episodes.

Shortly after the animation was officially announced, Red Flags launched on October 24th. The author commented that it was part of the production, and he wrote that day. “CloverWorks has three series of works for the month of January. Tokyo 24 (Tokyo Twenty-fourth Ward) was last announced because I think their calendar lags far behind“.

Itou’s posts in November gradually became more pessimistic. On November 1, he wrote: “In the latest animation you will see this happening all the time: the designs will be featured, and the episode director will do the design tests, but not the animation director.(The task of the animation director is to make sure that the animation is compatible with the character design templates and to redraw the frames if necessary).

The next day, he wrote: “I’m on a sinking ship! We are going to drown! Hahaha“. next day: “I’ve been involved in a lot of work with low quality maps, but this time it seems like I’m going to experience an animation crisis … I’m only half joking.“.

On November 15, he wrote:GloverWorks (formerly A-1 Pictures Konji) dark history table (boop emoji): Qualidea Code (sic)“. Produced by A-1 Pictures Animation Quality code, Which was screened in 2016. Edo also made a mocking post:* Do not worry about enlightenment *, we can always outsource key animation, intermediate animation, painting and composing overseas!. His other tease saysA chief animation director leads a sober life, with a glass of wine in one hand, changing faces just as easily and simply. There was a time when I thought like this.

On November 30, he wrote: “This is very difficult, man. I’m going to die. On December 10, he gave a clear update on the production status, saying that Episode 1 still has incomplete designs and that 20 cuts should go to the primary animation director. On December 17, he wrote: “Leave it already! I have no life!. On December 19, he again noted a production crisis:When will the animation degenerate? This is the work I am currently doing!On December 21st, he mentioned that even in the first episode he had a group of animators added at the last minute to avoid a total collapse. His most recent post about the product was last December 21st, when he posted a photo of himself lying on the studio floor:I am camping here tonight.

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The story is set on an artificial island called “District 24”. The place is inhabited by three friends who have known each other since childhood: Run, Koki and Shuda. All three of them have different social status, hobbies and personalities, but they are always together. However, your relationship will change drastically after a particular incident. At a memorial service a year after the aforementioned incident, the trio meet again and all their phones start ringing at the same time. A phone call from a friend they thought was dead, urging them to “choose the future.” This is how everyone will hope in their own way to secure the future of the people of the 24 districts.

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