Class Season 1 Ending: Who Killed Suhani?

Based on the Spanish series ‘Elite,’ Netflix’s Indian Hindi-Language show ‘Class’ tells the story of three transfers students — Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (Piyush Khati), Saba Manzoor (Madhyama Segal), and Balli Sehrawat (Cwaayal Singh) — who attend Hampton International, a fictional school for the children of India’s rich and powerful — on scholarships and their wealthy classmates.

Set in Delhi, ‘Class‘ delves into the complexities of Indian life, shedding light on themes such as wealth imbalance, casteism, corruption, homophobia, child mistreatment, and addiction.

The series begins with the death of one crucial character and then goes back and forth between the past and present for the rest of the season as the cops try to figure out what happened. Here’s all you need to know about the conclusion of the first season of ‘Class.’

Class Season 1

Class Ending: Who Killed Suhani?

Class Season 1 Ending: Suhani’s horrific demise has become a recurring theme this season. Suhani has always been a problematic child, owing in large part to Suraj and Garima’s poor parenting. She was prescribed numerous medications and quickly began taking over-the-counter medications.

Suhani, who is still a teenager, became acquainted with a much older and married man named Mayank, who leaked her images online, like he had done with his other victims, prior to the commencement of the show. It is strongly hinted that Veer and his buddies murdered Mayank after learning about it.

Suhani tells them about the diamond-encrusted, precious-metals phones that Koel’s father, Tarun Kalra, collects after learning that Dheeru and Neeru’s father owes 15 lakh rupees (1.5 million) to SK Chowdhary, a corporator in Nurpur on Suraj’s payroll.

Neeru manages to acquire these phones, and upon discovering that one of them has important encrypted data that might land Tarun in jail, he begins blackmailing the other man for 25 lakh rupees (2.5 million).

Neeru leaves the phone with Suhani on his way to meet Tarun. Koel notices the other girl with the phone and tries unsuccessfully to grab it with Balli’s assistance.

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Sharan notices all of this and begins to assume that if he can obtain the phone from Suhani, he may win back Koel.

During their argument, he repeatedly slaps Suhani with the Hampton Gold award she won earlier because the school tried to appease her family.

He snatches the phone and goes to inform Koel of the situation. Koel, cold and calculating, throws Sharan’s bloodied clothing and the trophy into a lake.

Neeru is arrested for murder after Dheeru testifies that he saw his brother fleeing Suhani’s body. Tarun allegedly promised cash to the detectives probing the crime.

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