CES 2022: Future mask with microphone

Front image of Razer Zephyr Pro mask (Photo: Razer)
Front image of Razer Zephyr Pro mask (Photo: Razer)

With infection The Mask They were necessary to maintain adequate hygiene practices, however, and two years later many accepted them as an accessory, giving them additional designs and components.

In that sense, in version CES 2022 The Specialized gaming brand, Razer, Presented its new line of masks, which attracted attention for their future design and inclusion in the volume enhancing system.

about this Sapphire Pro Emerged from its previous Zephyr model, it was introduced last year with an equally innovative design, but without as many components as the current one.

It is the same as the original because there is one in it Convertible N95 filter Maintain excellent sanity on every page. Additionally, users who need to do more physical activity can choose between two adjustable air modes in their filtration chambers (4200/6200 RPM).

Zephyr Mask Image (Photo: Razer)
Zephyr mask image (photo: razor)

The Razer had its highlights RGB lights can be customized by the user in any color you like, As well as silicone garters to fix the face.

In addition to the lights around the air filtration chambers, it has a transparent plastic cover so that the interior is glowing so that users can constantly see the expressions of others.

This model, though, retains most of its predecessor There is a voice amplification system Thanks to its microphone and the two speakers located below Future mask.

With a button on the side of the gadget, the wearer can choose if they want Increase the volume up to 60 decibels That it is one thing to speak in a high tone without a mask (one meter limit).

Side view of Zephyr Pro (Photo: Razer)
Side view of Zephyr Pro (Photo: Razer)

This option was originally going to be integrated into the Zephyr from the previous year, but due to its weight and issues with the battery they decided to eliminate it, however they have shown that it only takes one more year to fix the problem.

The technology company focused on gaming Introducing the new Razer X Fossil Gen 6, A Your ‘smartwatch’ is the new generation It is 30 percent more efficient than its predecessors.

It has three dedicated watch faces, including analog text and RGB chroma lighting, as well as two interchangeable straps, all of which are compatible with the Sport Player.

Imagen del Razer X Fossil Gen 6 (Photo: Razer)
Imagen del Razer X Fossil Gen 6 (Photo: Razer)

One of the functions of the new device Sleep monitoring, This allows the user to review sleep history, control rest, and set sleep goals. It also includes fast battery charging speed, reaching 80% battery in 30 minutes.

Count with one Heart rate sensor Improved to monitor the user’s blood oxygen continuously and accurately.

Being a clock created in between Razor y Fossil, Users can also enjoy second-hand options such as cardiovascular fitness level monitoring, which shows an estimate of VO2 (the maximum amount of oxygen the body can absorb) and biometrics to indicate heart health.

The The Razer X Fossil Gen will be launched worldwide this January Priced at USD 329 dollars, it will have a limited edition, which is almost three times more than the normal price.

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