Cast of Young Royals: Who Plays in This Season?

Young Royals is now available to watch on Netflix. It has a lot of drama, love, and betrayal. A dreamy young cast plays members of a made-up Swedish royal family. The show is a mix of Elite and The Crown. Newsweek has all the information you need about the cast.

Young Royals Cast

Prince Wilhelm – Edvin Ryding

In the Netflix show Young Royals, Prince Wilhelm is played by Edvin Ryding.

Wilhem starts the series by going to Hillerska, an elite boarding school in Sweden. He does this after getting into a big scandal.

At Hillerska, he has his first chance to be free. He makes friends, learns about his sexuality, and takes a chance on love.

But everything stops when, out of the blue, he becomes the next person in line for the Swedish throne.

Ryding, who is 18 years old, has been acting since 2009, and his role as Linus Ek in the crime thriller series Gsmamman is what he is best known for.

He has also been in Miss Friman’s War, The Crown Jewels, and The Stig-Helmer Story.

Simon – Omar Rudberg

cast of young royals

Simon, Wilhelm’s love interest, is played by Swedish singer Omar Rudberg, who was born in Venezuela.

Simon gets a scholarship to go to Hillerska, and it’s clear right away that he and Wilhem come from very different places.

Simon’s father is an alcoholic, and he lives with his mother and sister and goes to school by bus.

Rudberg is a well-known singer. When he was in the band Fooo Conspiracy, he opened for Justin Bieber.

In 2018, he tried to make it as a solo singer. “Que Pasa” and “La Mesa” are two of his singles.

Erik – Ivar Forsling

Erik, William’s older brother and the crown prince of Sweden is played by Ivar Forsling.

People may know Forsling from the Swedish show Rebecka Martinsson, where he played Jocke.

August – Malte Gårdinger

Malte Grdinger plays August, who is Wilhem’s cousin, and also goes to Hillerska.

August is in charge of the Forest Ridge House home in Hillerska. He is the bad guy of the series.

Morden I Sandhamn (The Sandhamn Murders), a Swedish crime series, and the thriller Jordskott are both works by Grdinger.

Sara – Frida Argento

cast of young royals

Sara, Simon’s sister, is also at Hillerska on a scholarship, and Frida Argento plays her in the movie.

Sara becomes friends with Felice (Nikita Uggla) in an odd way, and she is often seen looking out for her brother.

After starring in the short film Astrid, Argento’s first big role is in the movie Young Royals.

Nils – Samuel Astor

In Young Royals, Samuel Astor plays Nils, a Hillerska student who is played by a student.

Astor played Oscar in the Swedish TV show Maria Wern, and he also wrote and starred in the short film Desire.

Felice – Nikita Uggla

In Young Royals, Nikita Uggla plays Felice, who is obsessed with the monarchy and wants to be in charge.

Uggla is an up-and-coming actor, and it looks like Young Royals is her first role.

Queen Kristina – Pernilla August

Kristina, the Swedish queen, and Wilhelm’s mother is played by Pernilla August.

Fans will probably recognize August from the Star Wars movies, where she played Shmi Skywalker.

She is also known for her work with director Ingmar Bergman, and her role in The Best Intentions won her the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992.

Linda – Carmen Gloria Pérez

cast of young royals

Linda, the mother of Simon and Sara, is played by Carmen Gloria Pérez.

Most people know Pérez for his role as Captain Vasquez in the TV show Lucha Underground.

She is also a good musician, and in 2019 she was nominated for an Independent Music Award.

In Young Royals, Mimmi Cyon plays Fredrika, Nathalie Varli plays Madison, and Felicia Truedsson plays Stella. All three of them are also Hillerska students.

Now, you can watch Young Royals on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

In “Young Royals,” Who Plays August?

Rudberg plays the object of young Prince Wilhelm’s affections in “Young Royals,” which seems to be his first acting job. This sends shock waves through the prince’s close friends and family. “Young Royals” stars Omar Rudberg (photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for iHeartMedia). Malte Gårdinger as August

How Many Episodes are in Season 1 of Young Royals?

Young Royals (Subtitles for the Spanish/Spain Trailer 1) Trailer 0:48 Photos from Season 1 of Young Royals 86 Top actors Edit Edvin Ryding Wilhelmas Wilhelm 6 episodes6 eps• 2021 Omar Rudberg Simonas Simon 6 episodes6 eps• 2021 Felicia Truedsson Stellaas Stella 6 episodes6 eps• 2021 Malte Gårdinger Augustas August 6 episodes6 eps• 2021, Carmen Gloria Pérez

In Young Royals, Who Plays Prince William?

In the Netflix show “Young Royals,” Prince Wilhelm is played by Edvin Ryding. Johan Paulin Simon, Wilhelm’s love interest, is played by Swedish singer Omar Rudberg, who was born in Venezuela. Simon gets a scholarship to go to Hillerska, and it’s clear right away that he and Wilhem come from very different places.

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