Bruce Arians on whether the Bucs would let Tom Brady go to another team: ‘No. Bad work “

Tom Brady has retired, but the Tampa Bay Pirates have continued Leave the lights on If the goats decide they want to play again.

“That door never closes,” coach Bruce Aryan of the NFL Scout said Tuesday. “Whenever Tom wants to come back, he comes back… If Tom wants to come back, we’ll have a lot of money for him.”

Arianes reiterated, though, that Brady is not considering a comeback, telling reporters:I turned it off when I talked to him. “

since brady announced his retirementThere was speculation that he might return to play in 2022 or later.

Arians were asked if TB12 wanted to return to another team, so would the Bucs respond to that request?

“No,” replied the 69-year-old coach. “Bad work”.

When asked what it would take to listen to Brady performances, Arians quipped, “Five No. 1. Maybe.”

Outside of Brady reversing gears and back, questions loomed midway through Tampa. Arianes said he doesn’t think there are many high-caliber veteran QBs available in deals this season and noted that they drafted Kyle Trask in the second round in 2021.

“We took it up last year,” Arians said. “We drafted Kyle Trask #2 for a reason. It fits everything we want to do as a quarterback, and I really liked what I’ve seen for a year. So I doubt Draft Day is an option. For all the other players, it should be a trade, not a trade.” Alone. You must have a partner, so this might be out of the question.”

Arianes later added that Trask has a “fantastic chance” of being QB’s starting player in 2022.

With the free-agent market devoid of franchisor difference-makers this off-season, Arianes spoke again of veteran Blaine Gabber, who the coach said has “all the answers to the test” after being at the offense for years. Gabbert is appointed as a free agent.

“There are very few options available outside of the trade,” Arians said when asked about veteran QB options. “Blaine Gibbert has been in this system for a while now and his talent is more than enough. So if we go to free agency, we might as well bring him back.”

As the Bucs continue to burn phone lines to try to finish a deal, Arians’ clear message has been that he’s comfortable heading into the off-season with Gabbert and Trask as the top quarterbacks on the roster.

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