Bretman Rock Net Worth: How much money does He make?

If only a man were to appear. Bretman Rock is without a doubt the finest planet that is LocatedPlanet! He is so breathtakingly attractive that you wouldn’t want your partner to see him.

Bretman is a well-known figure on Instagram and YouTube who prides himself on defying convention. You won’t want to leave his channels once you’ve arrived since he is so animated and entertaining. Through his sarcastic facial expressions and features, he has a lovely way of drawing you into his Instagram and YouTube videos. And he is spot on!

His demeanor makes him approachable to both young and old people. He uses the kind of comedy that will make you crack even when he is offering cosmetics tips. No wonder he has over 9 million followers. Without your knowledge, the screen broadcast alone directs you to the subscribe button.

Quick Info About Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock Net Worth $6 Million
Real Name Bretman Sacayanan
Date of Birth July 31, 1998
Source Of Income Influencer
Birth Place Sanchez Mira, Philippines
Father Name Edmund Laforge
Mother Name Mercedita
Occupation Beauty Influencer
Nationality Philippine
Marital Status Single
Boyfriend Name Not Known
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Christian

Bretman Rock Net Worth

How much money does Bretman Rock make?

According to celebrity worth In the worlds of YouTube and Instagram, he is a powerful figure. He has achieved the renown he has because of a blend of his eccentric abilities and lighthearted surroundings. You can sense their energy and passion when he posts on Instagram.

He now has a $6 million net worth as a result of everything. That’s amazing for a person his age.

In all honesty, it’s worth every cent. He earns a respectable living thanks to his more than 2 million YouTube subscribers and over 9 million Instagram followers.

His monthly take-home pay, after deducting his work and other minor media collaborations, is $200,000, or $570 each day.

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Its worth would have been higher if it hadn’t declined significant endorsement offers that came with additional pleasures like a home, a car, and a considerable sum of money. He claims that he wants to concentrate on his study. He sells eyelashes under the “Hot Tea” brand, which is only sold in two Asian nations.

Early life

On July 31, 1998, Bretman Sacayanan was born in Sanchez Mira, Philippines. He was brought up in Hawaii and eventually acquired American citizenship. His father, Edmund Laforge, named him after two of his favorite wrestlers because he was such a big wrestling fan.

When Bretman was still a little child, his parents split, and he later went to Hawaii with his mother Mercedita, and sister Princess Mae.
Moving on to his education, Rock first studied at Campbell High School. Bretman became interested in the fashion industry as he grew up and started posting videos of himself doing cosmetics when he was very young.


At the age of 14, Bretman Roch began taking his business more seriously by starting his YouTube channel on September 23, 2012. He began sharing cosmetic instructions on social media around the same time and quickly gained popularity.

Prior to publishing beauty-related films, he started creating humor and meme videos for his YouTube account and Vine. Bretman was inspired by talented make-up artists like Talia Joy and Patrick Starrr when he was a teenager.

Bretman Rock Net Worth

He used to suffer a lot of criticism for following his passion, but he also garnered praise for his excellent work.

In addition to posting cosmetic tutorials on his YouTube channel, Bretman and his sister Princess Mae also post vlogs. He rose to prominence as one of the most influential kids in the world because of his well-liked beauty videos.

He was initially invited to New York Fashion Week in September 2019 and collaborated with fashion stylist Andrew Gelwicks there.
Following that, Roch was given the chance to portray The Playboy in a season 10 episode of the YouTube online series Escape the Night. He took home the People’s Choice Award for Beauty Influencer in 2019.

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Personal life

Bretman’s parents encouraged his choices even though he was more interested in other men as a child than in women.
Rock received a lot of backlash at the school for acting gayly. He is not dating anyone right now because he is single. Bretman is simply concentrating on his career to advance it.

Bretman Rock: Homes & Automobiles

  • Homes

Rock has a huge $2 million net worth as of September 2022.

He owns a beautiful $2 million Hawaiian home that was decorated with help from Filipino architect Kenneth Cobonpue and restored by interior design firm MCYIA.

The 3,539 square foot mansion is located on the Pacific Ocean shoreline and features five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a spacious kitchen, and a jacuzzi.

Bretman Rock Net Worth

  • Cars

Bretman has acquired a number of cars over the course of his career.

Among other expensive vehicles, the social media star has a Tesla and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

He has stated that the Jeep Wrangler, which is also housed in his garage, is his favorite car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bretman Rock available on OnlyFans?

Rock has formally signed with OnlyFans. The YouTuber joined the service after Instagram removed his nude images.

Why was Bretman Rock Instagram deleted?

Instagram once deleted his account because of how quickly his followers rose, which had an adverse effect on the platform, but he got it back later.

Has Bretman Rock received any awards recently?

He received an MTV Movie and TV Award in the category of Breakthrough Social Star in June 2021.

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