Discord Intergration

Setup Instructions

  • Invite the bot to your Discord Server
  • Make sure the bot has the permissions to post messages
  • Once the bot is in your server, go to the text channel that you want the bot to announce in, type 'ot.gamelist' and then you'll see the list of games you can enable news for. Type, for example, 'ot.enable overwatch' to enable Overwatch news in that channel.
  • Now, that bot should always post news on the channel you selected.

What does it do?

The OverTells announcements bot is built to push announcements out to any server using it! This bot is primarily here for you to get the latest Blizzard news as fast as possible!

Is it free to use?

Yes! You can use the bot you wouldn't have to pay anything!

I need help!

Check out our Discord server that's where we can be able to help you mostly. Go on the #support channel and we'll be there to support you.