Boris Becker: Net Worth | How Did Becker Lost $68 Million in Tennis?

boris becker net worth

Boris Becker Net Worth: The net worth of Boris Becker is $100 thousand. Becker became a successful tennis player in a flash.

He won Wimbledon at the age of 17 in 1985. He remains the tournament’s youngest winner.

He was ranked #1 in the world nearly from the start of his career, which included six Grand Slam wins.

Boris won three Wimbledons, one US Open, and two Australian Opens.

After retiring from tennis in 1999, Becker taught some of the game’s future stars, including Novak Djokovic.

Becker Claimed During a Bankruptcy Battle in 2022

Becker claimed during a bankruptcy battle in 2022 that he earned around $50 million during his tennis career.


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  • After inflation, that’s roughly $120 million now.
  • Affluent though he is, Boris has had financial and legal troubles in later life.
  • Boris began litigating a British bankruptcy court in 2017 and will fight until 2022.
  • Boris was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison on April 28, 2022, in London for bankruptcy fraud.

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More on this case in the article that follows.

Early Life

Boris Franz Becker was born in Leimen, West Germany.

  • Boris is a Catholic. Becker learned to play tennis at his father’s tennis center in Leimen.
  • He excelled at a young age.


Becker won his first professional doubles match the year after going pro in 1984. He was the first unseeded player to win the Wimbledon singles championship in 1985.

boris becker net worth
Boris becker’s net worth
  1. Following a string of surprising victories, Becker successfully defended his Wimbledon championship the following year.
  2. He developed a heated rivalry with Stefan Edberg later on.
  3. His financial and marital problems had begun to impair his work by the mid-1990s.
  4. After almost missing out on the Monte Carlo Open in 1995, he retired.
  5. Becker won 49 singles titles and 15 doubles trophies during his career as a professional tennis player.

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Becker is noted for never winning on clay surfaces, preferring grass instead.

Earnings From Job

  • Boris earned $50 million in salaries and sponsorships during his career.
  • From tournament winnings, he received exactly half of that amount, a smidge over $25 million.
  • After accounting for inflation, $50 million is now worth roughly $120 million.


Boris married Barbara Feltus, a model, in 1993. She was expecting their first child at the time, and the pair brought him into the world in 1994.

boris becker net worth
Boris becker’s net worth
  • They had another child in 1999. Boris requested a divorce in the year 2000.
  • Barbara, thankfully, chose not to follow through on their prenuptial agreement, sparing Becker a $2.5 million lump-sum payment.
  • She, on the other hand, brought him to court and won a far greater payment.
  • He was later revealed to have fathered another child during this marriage, and after a DNA test proved he was the father, he was granted joint custody of the child.
  • Boris married Sharley Kerssenberg, another model, in 2009. After that, they had a kid together before divorcing in 2018.

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Becker was rumored to be dating another model in 2019.

Ventures After You’ve Played

Volkl Inc. was founded by Becker in the year 2000. Clothing and tennis rackets are produced by the company.

  • He went on to write an autobiography and serve on the advisory boards of several sporting organizations, including the German Tennis Federation and Bayern Munich football club.
  • He also became a well-known poker player, winning numerous events.

Sentencing and Bankruptcy

Becker filed for bankruptcy in 2017 after a British judge ordered him to do so. Becker was served with a debt judgment in October of 2015.

boris becker net worth
Boris becker’s net worth
  1. Becker’s debt was not disclosed, other than to remark that it is significant – although some stories said it was $14 million.
  2. Hand-Dieter Cleven, his business adviser, said he was due $41 million.
  3. Becker argued that he was in a position to pay the amount. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Becker has faced financial difficulties.
  4. He was said to have had to pay millions to his first wife Barbara and a Russian beauty named Angela Ermakova, who gave birth to his child following a liaison in a London nightclub in 1999.
  5. Boris startled the globe when he said in June 2018 that he had diplomatic immunity from any lawsuits, thanks to his appointment as a diplomat by the Central African Republic (CAR).
  6. Becker’s CAR passport was later discovered to be part of a batch that had previously been stolen, proving that the assertion was false.
  7. Boris Becker was accused of delaying to hand over his Wimbledon trophies in 2020 while filing for bankruptcy and liquidating his assets.
  8. Becker faced criminal charges for violating the provisions of his bankruptcy and failing to disclose information about his holdings.
  9. All of the allegations against him were dismissed when he entered a not guilty plea. This occurred at a time when he was also accused of concealing over a million pounds by shifting funds between multiple bank accounts.
  10. Becker’s sports memorabilia collection was eventually sold, collecting $860,000 to assist him to pay off his obligations.

After it was determined that Becker was allegedly hiding assets and transactions totaling 4.5 million pounds, his bankruptcy restrictions were further extended until 2031.

Boris Becker; the Tennis Legend; Lost $68 Million

Boris Becker won six Grand Slam titles, three Wimbledon titles, a trophy cabinet full of trophies, and a $68 million fortune in prize money and sponsorship deals at the peak of his career.

  1. After being found guilty of four insolvency counts related to his 2017 bankruptcy, the 54-year-old was sentenced to two and a half years in jail.
  2. According to The Sun, he was accused of hiding millions of dollars in assets, including two Wimbledon trophies, to avoid paying his debts.
  3. The narrative of how he lost his riches has been revealed since his sentencing.
  4. When the pressure became too severe, people developed hidden addictions.
  5. Becker, who was born in West Germany, rose to prominence when, at the age of 17, he became the youngest Wimbledon men’s singles champion in 1985.

From there, it appeared like the young tennis champion’s only option was to go up.

Won Two More Wimbledon Titles

In 1986 and 1989, he won two more Wimbledon titles, as well as the US Open in 1989 and the Australian Open in 1991 and 1996.

  1. Despite his evident brilliance, Becker’s behavior drew criticism at times, and he had numerous emotional outbursts on the court.
  2. At the Australian Open in 1987, he flew off the handle, spitting at the umpire and smashing his racket.
  3. “I couldn’t serve or return,” Becker claimed at the time, “and I started to lose my calm.”
  4. “Then I started getting poor calls.” “It drove me utterly insane.”
  5. He became addicted to sleeping medications as a result of the stress, which led to a fight with alcohol as he drank whiskey to “strengthen” the effects.

In his book, he claimed, “I wanted to be right back there on top, to win again, and that was to be gained at whatever cost.”

The Wild Love Life Had Gotten Out of Hand

Becker’s tumultuous love life drew the most media attention away from the court.

  1. Despite his celebrity and talent, the star’s popularity with the opposite sex appeared to come as a complete shock to him.
  2. 3.5 million dollars Costly divorce and a lovechild
  3. Financial devastation

‘Expensive lifestyle commitments’ are described as “expensive lifestyle commitments.”

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