BlazBlue will enhance your online experience and the Dragon Ball FighterZ community is asking for the same treatment

Arc System Works will use a new network code for the most recent 2 releases of BlazBlue, and you’re ready to give it a try.

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Together Announcement of the new Guild Gear Strive character, Arch System Works announced another one for the studio gaming community BlazBlue: Central Fiction And BlazBlue: Cross Tag War. Enhance your online experience by getting both installments Regression network code, Is popular in fight titles for providing the best connection between two players.

Both games will receive an update in 2022The announcement came after the final CEO 2021, A fight-themed event where multiple matches take place, which often comes with various announcements. “You all heard it, lo and behold! We are proud to announce the rollback network code for BlazBlue: Central Fiction and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle” Read the words of Arch System Works on social media.

Following this announcement, the community Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Title created by Arch System Works, waiting for the same message, Cries for the same deal on social media. However, Bandai is owned by Namco Rights Dragon Ball video games, and ASW could not make the same decision as they did with BlazBlue, no IP fully owned by them.

Announced in 2015 And released in 2016, BlazBlue: Central Fiction is a topic that has been around for a few years and has long since ceased to receive additional content. Applies only to the new network code version PC Of the game, it comes inside February 2022. If you have central fiction on the computer, you can participate a Proof Experience the change in online battles now, some players are already doing, According to steam.

The spin-off cross-tag battle, meanwhile, will be withdrawn On both PC and PS4, But with no confirmed month in its 2022 release window, it will take longer to experience the change. There is no mention of the game version on the Nintendo Switch, which means it will stay that way.

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