Blake Lively Baby Bump: to What Extent Did Blake Lively and Ryan’s Relationship Last?

Indulging in those strange pregnancy cravings and spending time with loved ones is part of the joy of being pregnant. It should be the operative word here. The paparazzi are an unfortunate reality of celebrities; unfortunately, they won’t leave you alone just because you have a child. This incident with Blake Lively may be one of the darkest in recent memory as a result of the intrusiveness of the paparazzi.

In a post to Instagram on September 17th, Lively showed off her glowing, adorable, and much-anticipated baby bump. Sadly, the reason she uploaded it is revealed in the caption. If the eleven dudes waiting outside my house for a sighting needed any more convincing, here are some images of me pregnant in real life. You and your kids terrify me.


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The former Gossip Girl star thanked her fans for their persistent efforts to unfollow accounts and media that post images of children. A big shout out to the media outlets that strictly enforce a “No Kids Policy.” When pitted against you, they are helpless. You are the difference that makes a difference. Thank you very much! Xxb.”

A photo of Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, hugging on the same day follows an image of Lively spraying on sunscreen while flaunting her baby bulge in a red maternity one-piece. We see her embracing her friend Samantha Stone and her half-sister Robyn, and we get glimpses of her growing baby belly in the mirror.

We also see her relaxing while she smiles like a goddess for the camera, and then there’s the adorable photo of her and her closest friend, Taylor Swift, giving each other a bear embrace.

The slideshow concludes with a snapshot of the expectant mother smiling and calm in a bralette and sweatpants, another cute pair photograph with Reynolds, and a hilariously bizarre (and difficult to describe) photo of her growing baby bump.

Blake Lively Baby Bump

During what should be a joyful moment, an overabundance of well-meaning but invasive guests terrifies the expectant mother and her young children. Sister Robyn said, “Makes me unhappy you had to publish such intimate photographs to try and restore your privacy….” Many of Lively’s fans and friends have chimed in to offer their support in the wake of the frightening scenario.

I hope these jerks back off because I adore you. In the words of a second devoted follower: “I love this. No one should share images of other people’s children on social media.

Early this week, Lively and Reynolds announced that they were expecting their fourth child together. James is 7 years old, Inez is 5, and Betty is 2.

To What Extent Did Blake Lively and Ryan’s Relationship Last?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been together since 2011. They secretly tied the knot in 2012 after meeting on the set of “Green Lantern.” The news that they already had three children and another on the way was revealed by Us Weekly on Thursday.

Blake Lively Baby Bump

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