New York City’s Flashy Bishop Lamor Whitehead Was Handcuffed and Released Following a Service Where He Fought a Woman!

The controversial Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead says he was wrongly arrested after grabbing a woman by force during a sermon. TMZ posted a video of the incident.

Before what happened, it looked like Whitehead told someone to “take pictures” or record the sermon. In the clip, he said, “Come on up here.” “You want to preach here? “I’m going to make you famous.” Then, he can be seen aggressively grabbing the woman. After that, police showed up and arrested Whitehead.

The bishop told the New York Daily News that he was arrested and “publicly embarrassed” but that all charges were dropped two hours later. “She came into the middle aisle and just started cursing at me, calling me all kinds of names, calling me all kinds of things,” he said, adding that the woman seemed to approach him in the same way as the man who robbed him at gunpoint earlier this year. “She stormed back toward my wife and 10-month-old baby,” he said.

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He said he grabbed her because she “went toward my wife” and kicked her out of the church. He also said that his ministers knew the woman and her friend and called them “want to be up-and-coming bloggers” who “came to my church to disrupt my service.”

“They made a big mistake when they arrested the bishop. They would never have done that to a rabbi or a priest,” Whitehead said in an Instagram Live stream, which you can see below. “But they put me in jail because of my skin color. Not only did they arrest me, but they also hurt my wrist when they put me in the police car.

Whitehead said that he was released from jail, and the charges were dropped after police “did some research” on him. The woman named Tarsha Howard has been charged with breaking the law and disturbing a religious service, according to NYDN.


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Whitehead has been in the news, but this isn’t the first time. The bishop was robbed at gunpoint during his church service earlier this year, and he recently challenged comedian D.L. Hughley to a million-dollar boxing match. He said, “I don’t want to hear that you don’t box because you have a big mouth. Let’s get in the ring.” “I’m not going to hurt you. In the name of Jesus, I promise to knock you out.”

Watch the video above to see what happened and hear what Whitehead had to say about it.

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