Bill Maher Blasts Late Night Hosts After Emmy Loss: “i Tell the Truth”

During his appearance on the primetime edition of Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show, Bill Maher discussed his standing in the late night segment of the entertainment industry.

While discussing the Emmy nominations for the late night category that were announced this year, the host of the HBO show had some cutting things to say about his competitors in the category.

Cuomo confronted Maher with the following question: “Looking at simply a sheer metric of ratings, okay? You consistently put John Oliver in his place. You completely destroy Trevor Noah’s amount of viewers. You do not receive nominations in the same manner as they do for the Emmys. What gives you the impression that you don’t get the same shine as they do?

Although it has been nominated for a total of 21 Emmys throughout the course of its history, the critically acclaimed HBO show hosted by Bill Maher has never managed to win any of those awards.

Maher’s response was simply, “I tell the truth.” “There’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t perform for only one half of the country and say the things that will make them clap,” she said.

Bill Maher was honoured in 2014 for his work as executive producer on the television show Vice, even though his show Real Time was not nominated for any Emmys.

Bill Maher: They Do “fine Shows”

The host of HBO continued by saying, “They’re incredibly talented people, and they put on great shows.”

At this year’s Emmy Awards, John Oliver maintains his position as the clear front-runner in the category. With his show of the same name, which takes an investigative approach, the British commentator has acquired a significant audience all around the world.

Bill Maher Blasts Late Night Hosts After Emmy Loss: “i Tell the Truth”

Although Maher did acknowledge the talents of the other late-night hosts on television, the host of Real Time has not been shy about offering the occasional negative comment.

Back in 2019, the host got into a heated argument with James Corden of CBS’s The Late Late Show regarding the problem of obesity in the United States. During the taping, Corden made a snide remark directed towards Maher, in which he suggested that Maher had become consumed with “superiority.”

During his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, the host of Real Time responded to Corden’s statements about his show by discussing them.

“He lost a significant chance to figuratively and practically save lives. If only he’d gone about things in the opposite way. He selected the path of least resistance,” Maher remarked.

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