Big Meech Daughter: Does Big Meech Even Has A Daughter?

Every new episode of BMF on Starz attracts a growing number of people who are interested in finding out more information about the notorious Black Mafia Family. As a direct consequence of this, the show’s audience continues to grow. The show chronicles not only the emergence and fall of Big Meech and Southwest T’s drug empire but also the government operation that was ultimately responsible for their downfall.

In addition, the series uncovers details about Meech’s family that a significant number of people did not know before it was shown. It is likely fitting that Meech’s son, Demetrius Flenory Jr., who is also known by the nickname Lil Meech, was cast in the role.

It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that only Lil Meech is Big Meech’s child. Despite this, there are rumors floating around that Big Meech is the father of more children, possibly even daughters.

On the internet, there are other ladies who claim to be Big Meech’s daughters and have made their claims public.

On the internet, someone using the name Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory has claimed that she is Big Meech’s daughter. Clearly, this is not the case. In 2010, she became a member of Twitter; however, we haven’t seen any posts from her since 2012 at the earliest. On her account, the vast majority of Demetria’s tweets were showing their support for Big Meech.

Another user with the same name, also called Demetria Flenory, advocated via her Twitter account for Big Meech to be locked up. This individual identified themselves as Big Meech’s daughter and used the handle @BigMeechDaughter on their posts. This user has posted a series of tweets in which she makes the allegation that Big Meech sexually abused both her and her sister when they were younger. The tweets were created by the user.

The following is an excerpt from one of the tweets: “Look at us so-called dad, we survived you, and we can survive anything you drive my mother to death.” In another tweet, the same user states, “Look at us, so-called dad; we survived you, and we can survive anything.” She said, “My truth will not be suppressed, nor will I be forced to believe that I am lying or phony in order to save the image of my sperm donor father.” “My truth will not be made to believe that I am lying or phony in order to save the image of my sperm donor father.”

Someone using the handle @queentrudy on Instagram has made the claim that they are Big Meech’s daughter.

It is not known whether the people who are named above as having possession of the accounts have any form of biological connection to Big Meech.

Because of social media, we might have been able to establish the identify of at least one of Big Meech’s daughters. According to a declaration made by Big Meech’s mother in an Instagram post from May 2016, Manessa Mia Hussey is apparently Big Meech’s daughter. The statement was made regarding Manessa Mia Hussey.

Manessa Mia Hussey does have an Instagram account; however, she has not yet added any content to her account. She uses the name @reallilmeech89 to identify herself on social media, which is significant considering that Demetrius Flenory Junior also refers to himself as Lil Meech.

It has been said that Meech is Lori Harvey’s biological father, although this is only a hearsay.

The mother of Lori Harvey, Marjorie Harvey, has a history of being linked with a variety of different drug traffickers. Lori Harvey is the daughter of Marjorie Harvey. After being married to the drug lord Jim L. Townsend, she had a relationship with one drug dealer, Donnell Woods, and then went on to have a relationship with another drug dealer after that.

According to the stories, she is also claimed to have had an affair with Big Meech. [Case in point] There is a persistent urban legend that claims Big Meech is Lori Harvey’s biological father. Lori is the daughter of Marjorie Harvey.

Marjorie has not addressed this rumor in any way as of this writing. We are confident that Big Meech does in fact have offspring, but we do not have any information regarding them. Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to establish the identify of Big Meech’s daughter or daughters.

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Meech was a very quiet person, and as a consequence, we do not have a great deal of information on his descendants, particularly on his children.

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