6 Best Electric Razors for Removing Stubble – 2022 : Men’s Electric Shavers of the Highest Quality!

Despite my thorough grooming routine, I’m a minimalist at heart. Nothing pleases me more than a no-fuss, no-muss product that allows me to shorten my grooming time.

My shaving practise, on the other hand, was always an oddity. I couldn’t seem to get off the hamster wheel of pre-shave, shaving cream, blade, and aftershave. My razor pimples were the only thing that had changed.

I couldn’t seem to get rid of them no matter what I did or what product I tried. Until I tried an electric razor, that is.

You’ve probably been clinging to your electric shaver for far too long, just like you’ve been clinging to your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut. Believe us when we say that your face deserves a lot more.

A new model will be able to manage both wet and dry shaving, last longer between recharges, and help avoid rashes and irritations caused by a dull blade, in addition to providing a closer, smoother shave.

Essentially, you’ll be asking why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

You’ll want to know what you’re searching for before looking at our list of the top electric shavers on the market.

Is it better to buy a rotary or foil electric shaver?

There are two types of electric shavers: rotary and foil. Rotary shavers have three or four heads that move over the contours of the face, shaving as they go (even those tough to reach stragglers around the nose, chin and jawline).

Rotary shavers are suitable for folks with longer, coarser beard hair and who don’t plan on controlling their facial fuzz on a daily basis.

best electric razors

A foil shaver is your best bet if you have shorter, thinner beard hair and want a tight shave every day. Do you have sensitive skin? Foil shavers are less likely to irritate and produce razor burn than traditional shavers.

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Is a cleaning station required?

All shavers need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The most modern (read: more expensive) electric shaver models come with built-in cleaning and charging stations that can clean, lubricate, and dry the blades — perfect for men on the go.

best electric razors

What’s the catch? On top of any new foils, you’ll have to pay for additional cleaning cartridges, which cost roughly £15 for a bundle of three. Of course, you can clean it on the cheap by running a water-resistant shaver under the tap.

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What should you spend on your shaver?

You don’t want to skimp on something you’ll use every day, just like you wouldn’t on most other products. The recommended high-quality electric shaver will set you back between £50-£200, but trust us when we say it’s money well spent.

While you may not want the most opulent features found in top-tier electric shavers, more expensive versions do tend to outlast less expensive counterparts.

1. Prestige Edition Philips Series 9000

Prestige Edition Philips Series 9000

What’s in a name, anyway? It’s wireless charging and NanoTech (read: super-sharp & robust) blades in the case of Philips’ Series 9000 shaver’s “Prestige” Edition.

Given how well the regular Series 9000 syncs across your phones at half the price of the Prestige, the upgrade isn’t really necessary.

In either case, you’ll be getting one of the greatest rotary razors on the market, complete with waterproofing, a silky smooth multidirectional head, and quick charging. The best part? For an overnight top-up at your bedside, the Prestige’s Qi charging pad can work with your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

2. Braun’s 9th Series

Braun's 9th Series

Braun’s top-tier shaver, which features a ten-directional swivelling head and two titanium-coated trimmers, is synonymous with German efficiency. You know that hard-to-reach scruff you can’t seem to get rid of? With a couple of flicks of your wrist, it’ll be gone.

Of course, given the fact that this shaver costs twice as much as the rest of the list, you’d expect nothing less. The extra cost is reflected in the design’s appropriate weight, directional flex, and microvibrations technology.

Why not reward yourself to the Series 9’s extra charms since you’ll be using it every other day?

3. Philips 7000 Series

Philips 7000 Series

If you’re anything like us, acclimating your skin to a new electric shaver can be a painful process. The Philips’ Series 7000 is here to aid with an app, whether you’ve switched from a model with dull blades or you’re simply gifted with more sensitive flesh than the next dude.

As absurd as it may seem, the GroomTribe download that comes with this rotating model is a surprisingly effective means of avoiding redness and discomfort. The Series 7000 has a lot more going for it than just gimmicks, thanks to its smooth spinning head, waterproofing, and long battery life.

4. Braun ProSkin 3040s Series 3

This isn’t just a nice shaver for the money; it’s a fantastic shaver in general. This Braun Series 3 model includes several of the features seen in more expensive models, including as waterproofing and five-minute charging.

Even better, the design is simple but strong, with enough of grip and a pleasing weightiness. In other words, you won’t have to worry about your morning shave slipping out of your hands, giving your neck a nip, and forcing you to break out the toilet paper.

This is a good foil shaver regardless of budget as long as you can put up with a few rough spots in hard-to-reach locations.

5. R4 Style Remington

R4 Style Remington

The Remington R4 Style’s vibe is so strong that the phrase “My first shaver” might be written on the packaging. What’s more, do you know what? That’s not to say that the shaver isn’t capable, but it’s best suited to those looking for a reliable model that won’t break the bank.

Especially if you don’t put it to the test with any growth that has been cultivating for more than a few days. The R4 Style is tough enough to handle, but its smooth, plasticky look is its worst flaw. Both in terms of grip and its inability to wet shave.

6. Philips 5000 Series

Philips 5000 Series

This Philips prefers a rotary-style shaving head to a more standard foil alternative in order to get rid of stray hairs on the first try. Its blades have such a large surface area that they usually deliver.

Given its low price, it’s difficult to criticise this shaver’s ergonomic plastic construction and fast work rate. And what if you do happen to come across a few stubborn neck hairs?

Instead than strumming the thing against your face incessantly, do your skin a favour and go for an old-fashioned wet-shave razor.

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