Mobile Phones With the Best Camera ! April 2022: Smartphone Camera Reviews

The Gadgets 360 Greatest Camera Mobile Phones page is your one-stop-shop for the best cameras in smartphones. We’ve compiled a list of the highest-rated cameras on smartphones released in India in the last year.

In our exhaustive, comprehensive reviews, the cameras on the smartphones on this list achieved an 8 or higher grade. This indicates that the cameras on these phones are of the highest quality, and you can trust this list not to disappoint.

The smartphones on the Gadgets 360 Best Camera Mobile Phones page are organised by the date they were released, so the lower down you go, the older the phone you’ll see.

The ratings on the Gadgets 360 Best Camera Mobile Phones page are the total ratings of each phone, so you can see how well it performs in the real world, not just in terms of cameras.

You can see the pricing and essential specifications of each phone right here, and you can read extensive reviews by clicking on the phone’s review links, or you can go straight to the phone’s detailed specifications page by clicking on the phone’s name. The phones on this list were released within the last year.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra (Samsung)

The Galaxy S22 Ultra combines the photography capabilities of the Galaxy S series with the S Pen, which was made popular by the Galaxy Note series. The phone has a 6.8-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and HDR 10+ compatibility.

The maximum brightness is 1750 nits. The display is clear and responsive, and it can accept input from the S Pen Stylus.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC is combined with 12GB of RAM to power the phone. It comes with storage capacities of 256GB and 512GB. Although storage is not extensible, the default storage is sufficient.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra can run any app or game from the Google Play Store with ease. However, when the phone is used a lot, it gets hot.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra features a quad-camera system with 100X digital zoom. Regardless matter the lighting conditions, the phone takes stunning images.

Even without night mode, the phone can take decent pictures in low light. The primary camera’s video recording can go up to 8K and is stabilised.

IQ00 9 Pro Is a New Product From IQoo.

The iQoo 9 Pro is a strong contender in the premium market, with a slew of features and powerful hardware. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset provides adequate performance for everyday use as well as serious mobile gaming.

With a 120Hz refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate, the 6.78-inch AMOLED display is designed for gaming, but it’s also quite colour correct and produces deep blacks when watching videos. The immersive sound comes from the big stereo speakers.

best camera smartphones

The camera’s performance is excellent. In both daylight and low light, all three cameras work admirably. The gimbal stabilisation on the primary camera also works well for daylight video recordings, but the quality suffers a little when shooting at night.

The 4,700mAh battery in the iQoo 9 Pro easily lasts a day and a half on a single charge, and it charges up rapidly with the included 120W charger.

The company’s own charging dock also supports 50W wireless charging. While the phone looks and feels fantastic, it lacks an official IP classification, which may be a deal-breaker for some.

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5g Realme 9 Pro+

The Realme 9 Pro+ takes the 9 series from mainstream to mid-range territory. The 9 Pro+ is more expensive than the 9 Pro, but it comes with additional features including optical image stabilisation (OIS) in the camera, which has been lacking from Realme’s portfolio for quite some time.

Sunrise Blue is a colour-changing coating for the Realme 9 Pro+. If you select this option, the back panel will change colour from blue to red when exposed to UV light. It features a compact overall appearance and is lightweight, making it easy to operate with one hand.

With its MediaTek Dimensity 920 SoC, the phone has adequate power to perform demanding 3D games as well as day-to-day duties. The battery life is also fairly good, and the included 60W charger charges it rapidly.

Although Google Pixels have lost their computational photographic advantage, we still have one to recommend if you want to emulate the Pixel appearance. Xiaomi and Oppo have also made significant advances in the camera arena, frequently offering unique hardware that produces excellent image quality.

Finally, if you’re on a budget, a camera phone is a good option; non-flagships can take good shots as well.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has it all: a large sensor main camera, an autofocusing ultrawide lens (the first Samsung to do so), and two telephoto lenses. It took the place of the Note20 Ultra as our favourite cameraphone, but the Mi 11 Ultra eventually dethroned it.

With its three cameras, the iPhone 13Pro Max is our top selection for video capture since it can shoot at a variety of resolutions and frame rates, and it can even do it simultaneously.

It’s even capable of doing so in Dolby Vision format. What a fantastic idea! It also has one of the smoothest video stabilisation systems available in a phone, regardless of whether it’s just EIS, OIS+EIS, or IBIS+EIS, and videos can benefit from Apple’s HDR, which ensures a class-leading dynamic range.

Other issues we have with the iPhone include the selfie camera’s lack of autofocus. Let’s not forget that you don’t get a charger or headphones. Despite this, the iPhone is still one of the best camera phones available, and is a favourite choice among vloggers, bloggers, influencers, and others.

best camera smartphones

The main, ultrawide, and selfie cameras all have Night Mode. It’s also possible to use it in Portrait Mode. We aren’t crazy about the image processing, or should we say over-processing, but if faultless quality is a necessary and you know how to work with RAW, you can avoid it.

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