Battlefield 2042 responds to player reviews and promises improvements on its maps

Long scrolling and confusing 128-player mode are just some of the things DICE needs to improve.

Battlefield 2042 Not an easy start Poor rated principal installment of ownership And Steam reaps many critics in the game Dice and Electronic Arts Will not comply with Company expectations. DICE seeks to improve the player experience, which seems to be the case Asked the community And get down to work Solve the most complex aspects of the shooter.

There is wide open spaces and a small cover of snipers.“Based on your feedback, we are going to highlight 5 key elements we found in relation to current problems The game in the maps, with its causes and our opinion on the matter, besides proposing changes to solve these problems “, the study published, issues of movement, intensity of war, line of sight, lack of roads and lack of coverage.

The Large scale maps It seems to have been the catalyst for many of the problems they wanted to solve, the distance between the flags or the very length from the base to the flag. Rough journey128 soldiers have been carried Chaotic and great warThey plan to solve some maps by reducing the number of players to 64 or by reducing the total number of vehicles.

Battlefield 2042

The size of the maps also seems to have had a negative impact Sight and coverOften players are exposed to barely any place to seek refuge Sniper fire. The lack of clear paths towards goals is another point that the study promises to improve.

These changes will require considerable growth time.DICE has promised Big changes In the design of the maps, these are what they agree with in the statement Will require significant growth time, So they did not expect the changes to hit the entire graph library at once. “We have established some relevant behaviors that we have already begun to integrate into the new maps that are in development for the game, but when updating existing maps we will focus first on maps that require changes,” he said. ID says.

Between Priorities Is the study Improves the kaleidoscope In both Success and Advance. If you have not yet played the latest installment of Electronic Arts’ famous war franchise, remember that you have it on 3DJuegos Battlefield 2042 Review.

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