May 29, 2022

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Battlefield 2042 has acknowledged its problems and is preparing major updates for the next few weeks

Battlefield 2042 He started on the wrong foot, but like many topics before this he will try to fix his problems in the coming weeks. Electronic Arts And Dice This week they share an action plan they take to fix all of the shooter issues, from server stability to fixes Gun gameView, Conflict Engine, Content Offer and other features that make up the title Record number of negative reviews.

The detailed post on the game’s official site begins by confirming that Battlefield 2042 already has millions of players and that the title exceeds the number of its predecessors. Battlefield Vs.. However, it will quickly identify issues of experience within a week of its introduction. EA and DICE have promised to support the game for many years, and have confirmed that there will be two major updates to the game in the coming weeks.

Even before the launch, during the initial access week for small audiences, Battlefield 2042 received updates to improve the stability of the servers, with very satisfactory results. They expected it from DICE They evaluate bringing back aspects of ownership they left behindGame-of-game leaderboard, server finder and precious voice chat, but they have not been officially confirmed yet.

(Photo: Electronic Arts)
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

This Thursday, November 25, the second major link of the game will be released, but The most important update for all players is coming in early December. One of the priorities of the development team is servers and game performance, especially on the computer. First, although a general consistency has already been achieved it is impossible to change weapons in some games or issues such as issues still need to be fixed. Rebirth.

Second, the development team has already fixed the problem caused by game consoles Xbox They will be turned off in the middle of the game, but will require more complex solutions to the problem in the system. Updates will be applied to the game engine so that all users can enjoy the best performance without sacrificing anything, whether they have the latest generation of video cards or not.

These improvements are made possible by hundreds of users sharing videos, screen shots and detailed descriptions of their situations with developers. Many of the videos that stand out are issues that stand out Gun game, With bullets that missed their target despite being perfectly targeted. Fixes to this issue will come with a third update in early December. These changes may be related to different sensitivity systems when targeting consoles and PCs, as well as console-based aids.

However, the development team acknowledged that the scattering effect of some weapons, especially the scattering effect of assault rifles, was far greater than the distance on the Battlefield 2042 map. Ft., Satisfactory game changes can be seen from tomorrow. Some of the vehicles and weapons that have become so powerful are undergoing changes this week to balance the overall experience.

Battlefield 2042 E.A.
Battlefield 2042 E.A.

An interesting fact mentioned on the official site of the game Battlefield 2042 was built so that the changes, modifications and new features used would not compromise the consistency of the whole title. The development team can tweak an entire game mode and bring it back without sacrificing experience or server stability, which will allow it to perform better during these first few months which require more attention.

Change list Used with links # 2 and # 3 of the title, it has more than 200 different adjustments, and as expected, more details are yet to be revealed. Among the innovations are changes that fix issues in practically all parts of the game, from menus to operators, with more than half of the game’s weapons, interaction with objects, progress system and various adjustments in each. Different game modes.

Except for updates to fix bugs. EA and DICE also look forward to working on another update ahead of Christmas with new content and many changes. In addition, the first season of Battlefield 2042 will be released in early 2022, by which time the shooter’s biggest issues have been fixed.

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