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Basketball Wives Season 10: Why This Season Was So Short?

basketball wives season 10

Season 10 of Basketball Wives is here! The series is one of the most popular ones on VH1, and it follows the drama between the wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of professional basketball players.

Shaunie O’Neal, the show’s executive producer and a former basketball wife, said, “Basketball Wives gave birth to my vision of amplifying a dynamic culture and community. It has done more than my wildest dreams.” “I’m glad we get to keep serving our audience as we start the exciting tenth season of the show with some new but familiar faces.”

The press release says that Season 10 will focus on the women as “they work on their families, relationships, and businesses while putting their pasts behind them to make a better future.” Read on to learn everything we know about the season of 2022.

Basketball Wives 2022 Cast

The women hunkered down during the coronavirus pandemic in the previous season. Now that it’s been a year and life has settled down, the women continue their stories. The all-female group, which has both new and old cast members, is ready to fire. Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, and Jennifer Williams are all coming back for more reality TV.

Even though fan favorites Evelyn Lozada and Kristen Scott are leaving, MVPs from past seasons will fill out the rest of the cast. Brandi Maxiell, Angel Brinks, Brooke Bailey, DJ Duffey, and British Williams are all coming back to change things up. Brooke said before the premiere, “I’m so excited for you guys to watch. There will be new friendships, old friendships, and new businesses.” “You get to see in real life things that went viral online. A little tussling. You know how much your girls enjoy fighting.”

“It will surprise you,” Jackie said. “There are twists and turns and emotional parts. This season is full of blood, sweat, and tears.”

One of the most important things this season is that Malaysia and Brandi, who used to be close friends, will break up. Brandi had kicked off the show before because she didn’t get along with Shaunie. Now that she’s back, the feud with Malaysia will be front and center. Fans will also be able to watch Angel as she documents her pregnancy as a fashion designer.

Release Date of Season 10 of Basketball Wives

The new Basketball Wives season 10 released on VH1 on Monday, May 16, at 8 p.m. ET.

Where to Watch Basketball Wives’ 10th Season

The 10th season of “Basketball Wives” is likely available on Hulu and Paramount Plus, just like the other seasons. Also, people who would rather watch the drama as it happens can do so starting May 16 at 8/7 central on VH1.

In the following season, there will be a lot of exciting turns and twists. Cheat Sheet says that Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo, who used to be best friends, will fight, but it’s not clear yet why they broke up. There are rumors that another person on the show is pregnant while being accused of cheating.

Before Season 10, VH1 talked to Jennifer, Brooke, Brandi, and Jackie about what they had learned so far on the show. Watching the video now will help you get ready for the premiere. Don’t forget to watch the Season 10 trailer to get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

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What’s the Point of Basketball Wives, and What’s Going on in Season 10?

The Basketball Wives series shows how the wives of current and former NBA basketball stars spend their days and nights. Many of the women are friends. Some are still married to NBA players, while others are no longer married to them. Some are girlfriends who want to marry a ballplayer one day. But as these women with big egos spend more time with each other off the court, the chance of crazy verbal and sometimes physical fights grows.

After ten seasons, many of these women have become well-known, and the best of the best, or “the MVPs,” are getting back together for what should be a tenth wild season. Some women have started new businesses, while others have more children. Some women are having trouble with their relationships, and others want to settle old scores with other cast members.

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Lozada Won’t be in Season 10

Several cast members have come and gone from “Basketball Wives” throughout its nine seasons. Shaunie O’Neal, Malaysia Pargo, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, Kristen Scott, Ogom “OG” Chijindu, and Feby Torres all came back for the show’s ninth season. Variety says that Liza Morales, Nia Dorsey, and Noria Dorsey all joined the cast in the ninth season.

HipHollywood says that Brooke Bailey, British Williams, DJ Duffey, and Angel Brinks, all of whom used to be on “Basketball Wives LA,” have all agreed to be on the 10th season of “Basketball Wives.” Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Jennifer Williams, Nia, and Noria Dorsey will also be back as cast members. Shaunie O’Neal is an executive producer for the show, but she will only be back in a limited way for the new season.

On the E! News show Daily Pop, Evelyn Lozada said that she wouldn’t be back for another season. “It was hard to decide because I could do it with my eyes closed, but it’s so hard and takes so much energy, and it’s not the best energy,” Lozada told E! News Daily Pop, according to Yahoo. “I want to let the universe in so that other things can come in.”

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