July 5, 2022

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Bad result: Does WhatsApp warn when a screenshot of chats is taken? | Chronicles

Share“Target =” _ blank “> Share It analyzes the implementation of a function that can bring great headaches to a large number of users, and if it is confirmed, it can lead to many fights or discussions between friends, couples and others. For a long time, sites and social networks have been trying to give peace of mind Share-esta-en-linea-o-no-20211214-0570.html “target =” _ blank “>Try to enforce security and privacy, And this action goes in that order.

According to many international media outlets, the instant messaging site is considering the possibility of notifying the user when someone takes a screenshot of the conversation in which they are participating, making it difficult to show the chat with another person without “burning”. Before the other involved. As expected, this rumor is creating fear for a large number of customers of the app.

Social media started a long time ago Telegraph At the forefront, one of the people in the conversation is leading the way when taking a screenshot. After the telegram arrived Instagram, It will alert you in chats even when someone takes a screenshot of the photo sent from the app.

Do not give up Share Take that path seriously and it will be implemented soon. What happens is that the app will notify you when someone else takes a screen shot in the chat. It is estimated to be available for WhatsApp groups and not just for one-on-one conversations.

The rumor is reinforced by the company’s leadership Mark Zuckerberg Advanced in that sense with Instagram, which has already been around for months. The purpose of the tool is to have more control over privacy, thus, alerting users that their messages may be shared with third parties.

While this may contribute to security, the truth is that this decision can cause inconvenience to many users, especially nowadays when screen shots of chats are usually taken to show others the content of those conversations.

You can no longer spy on WhatsApp contacts online

The instant news site announced that it was implementing a new security measure with its supportIf we have not yet chatted with unknown contacts, we will not know if we are online. This is WhatsApp’s new privacy and security function, which is already enabled by default.

You can read it in the support message “To improve the privacy and security of our users, we make it very difficult for strangers and strangers to see your last connection and online connection status in the app.”

They add it “It does not change anything between you and your friends, family and businesses you know and have exchanged messages with before. “