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Babylon: Release Date | Is the Filming Still Going on?

Babylon Release Date

Babylon Release Date

Babylon Release Date: Damien Chazelle is one of Hollywood’s most promising young filmmakers.

Already an Oscar winner for La La Land (and the youngest Best Director winner ever), whatever project he goes on will be met with great interest. Babylon, his next feature film, is an example of this.

The Netflix series The Eddy, for which Chazelle worked as a producer and directed two episodes, was his most recent endeavor.

But Babylon Is His First Big-screen Film Since the Critically Panned First Man in 2018

Let’s take a look at everything we know about Babylon thus far, from the plot to the actors and when we might see it.

  • Damien Chazelle’s Babylon was announced in November 2019 with a Christmas 2021 release date.
  • Damien Chazelle has finally unveiled the title of his follow-up film, more than a year after the release of First Man.
  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has acquired the rights to Chazelle’s film Babylon, which will be set in late 1920s Hollywood as the film business changes from silent to talkies.
  • Following fictitious and historical personalities as they rise and fall.
  • This period of Hollywood history, which began with the premiere of The Jazz Singer, is known as the Golden Age of Hollywood (pictured above).
  • Other films such as Singin’ in the Rain and The Artist have explored this topic.
  • But the possibility of seeing what Chazelle can achieve with a movie set in this historic era, with a plethora of stories to draw inspiration from, is tantalizing.
  • Chazelle has been pitching Babylon to studios since June 2019, when the script was 180 pages long and the expected budget was in the $80-$100 million range, according to the THR article.
  • Despite being a critical hit, First Man flopped at the box office.

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Chazelle reworked the script and reduced the budget after hearing that such a high-priced period piece was a hazardous bet.

Whatever He Did It Was Finally Paramount Who Bit Him

  • THR said that the picture will be released on December 25, 2021, as part of the announcement.
  • A proven time frame for a prospective Oscar film, which Babylon certainly appears to be on paper, is a limited release followed by a wide release on January 7, 2022.

In Addition to Announcing Babylon and Its Release Date

Brad Pitt and Emma Stone were reportedly in talks to star at the time.

babylon release date
Babylon release date
  1. The initial casting news for the picture, which stars a couple of major hitters, was revealed in a THR story.
  2. Brad Pitt and Emma Stone were reportedly in talks to play the major roles in the picture.
  3. Emma Stone, of course, has a long relationship with Chazelle, having collaborated on the film La La Land.
  4. Stone was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Clara Bow, a real-life Hollywood starlet who was one of the industry’s earliest sex symbols and box-office draws, was cast in the film.
  5. Wings, the first film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, starred her.

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Meanwhile, Brad Pitt plays a fictional character who is a silent film star who struggles to adjust to the introduction of sound.

Pitt’s Character Is Based on Real-life Figure John Gilbert

According to THR, Pitt’s character is based on real-life figure John Gilbert, whose most well-known roles include King Vidor’s The Big Parade.

babylon release date
Babylon release date
  • Flesh and the Devil, in which he co-starred with Greta Garbo in one of her breakthrough roles.
  • Pitt won his first acting Oscar for playing a fictional character in old Hollywood in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; perhaps he can do it again.

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Pitt is also sticking to his word about taking fewer acting parts. The only two films in which he is currently cast as an actor are Babylon and Bullet Train.

Margot Robbie Was in Talks to Take Up Emma Stone’s Role in December 2020

Margot Robbie was in talks to take up Emma Stone’s role in December 2020.

  1. Unfortunately, Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle will not be reunited in Babylon, as they were in La La Land.
  2. In December 2020, THR reported that Stone was leaving the show for an unannounced cause. However.
  3. Margot Robbie has been mentioned as a possible replacement.
  4. While this choice eliminates the Stone-Chazelle reunion, Robbie and Pitt do share a connection as co-stars in Quentin Tarantino’s.
  5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood). Of course, Sharon Tate played by Robbie and Cliff Booth played by Brad Pitt never met during the film.
  6. In Chazelle’s drama, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the two might finally get to share the screen.
  7. There hasn’t been any further official casting news for Babylon yet, but according to IMDb, two other actors are thought to be tied to the picture.

Tobey Maguire and Li Jun Li are said to be playing film producer Irving Thalberg.

Who Might Be Playing Anna May Wong, the First Chinese-American Movie Star?

Babylon’s release date was pushed back to late 2022 in January 2021.

babylon release date
Babylon release date
  1. When Babylon was first revealed in November of this year, it was set to be released on Christmas Day of 2021.
  2. It was presumably assumed that the picture would easily satisfy this more than the two-year deadline.
  3. Of all, we all know what happened in 2020, so it should come as no surprise that Paramount pushed Babylon’s release date back a year in January, among other schedule changes.
  4. According to Deadline, Paramount still intends to release the film on Christmas Day in 2022, not 2021.
  5. The plan to launch it in a limited capacity on December 25, 2022, before expanding it is still in place, with the national launch of Babylon set for January 6, 2023.
  6. During the epidemic, almost no Hollywood picture was released as anticipated.
  7. Many films just postponed 2020, expecting that 2021 would bring potential blockbusters and Oscar contenders back to theatres.
  8. As a result, Babylon, which wasn’t ready to start filming when productions all over the world were shutting down, was forced to shut down.
  9. has been given additional time to get its ducks in a row, as well as a new deadline to meet.
  10. Please pray that no additional concerns surface that might jeopardize the December 25, 2022 deadline.
  11. However, this implies that the next Damien Chazelle film will be released in just over four years.
  12. As additional information about Babylon becomes available, CinemaBlend will bring you up to date on the newest developments. For the time being.

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