Armando Elite: Who was Responsible for Armando Death?

In the fifth season of the Spanish teen show Elite on Netflix, Samuel, and Benjamn deal with how Armando death affects them. When the police start to suspect the second person, he gets scared and goes to his protégé for help.

Samuel tells the police lieutenant that he killed Armando to protect Benjamn from the eyes of the lieutenant. Samuel’s confession, on the other hand, is far from the truth.

Benjamn wants to know who killed Armando, and everyone else must be wondering the same thing. Well, let’s tell you everything you need to know about who killed Armando and why.

Elite Season 5 Release Date and Plot Preview

On Friday, April 8, 2022, Season 5 of Elite came out on Netflix.

Armando, a man who had been following Mencia, was killed at the New Year’s party that ended the season 4 finale. Ari, Mencia, and their friends will be looking over their shoulders from now on.

Armando’s body hadn’t been found when season 4 ended, but the police investigation into his disappearance doesn’t take long to reach Las Encinas in season 5, and it’s only a matter of time before the missing body is found serious questions are asked.

armando elite

Elite Season 5 Ending Explained

Armando’s body had to be found at some point in Elite season 5, and in the end, it’s Omar who does it in episode 4.

He calls Samuel, and he and the rest of the gang try to come up with a plan. In the end, they decide to call the police because there’s no evidence that they killed him.

While that was going on, Mencia found a SIM card with proof that Armando and her father Benjamin had talked to each other. This made her think that Benjamin was the real killer, not Guzman as the season 4 finale had suggested.

But when the police start asking questions at Las Encinas, Benjamin starts to put pressure on Samuel.

He remembers that Samuel said Armando would never come back, which suggests that Benjamin has figured out that Samuel had something to do with the body going missing.

Benjamin even suggests making a deal with Samuel, asking the student to take the blame for killing Armando in exchange for giving him money for the rest of his life. This is a strong hint that Benjamin killed de la Ossa.

Samuel goes along with Benjamin’s plan and tells the police that he killed Armando. As the episodes go on, Samuel is charged with Armando’s murder and has to wait for his trial.

Benjamin reassures Samuel that his lawyers will make sure Samuel gets a short sentence.

But Mencia tells her father that she found the SIM card with Armando’s contact information on it. He tells her that he was being blackmailed, which gives him a reason to kill Armando.

In exchange for getting Samuel out of jail, Mencia agrees to let Benjamin delete the files on the SIM card that could be used to pin Samuel.

But Benjamin goes back on what he said and says that he was never going to help Samuel. Mencia had made a copy of the card, which was a good thing.

By the end of season 5, Benjamin finds out that a copy of the card was made and is now in Samuel’s hands.

Samuel wants to give the card to the police, but Benjamin convinces him to come over so they can talk more about their deal, which will give Samuel a place at Oxford University and a job at Benjamin’s holding company after that.

But when Samuel turns down the offer, Benjamin throws himself at him and knocks him down. The teen hits his head on the floor and then falls into the pool, which is shown in flashbacks throughout the season.

Ari, Mencia, and Patrick, Benjamin’s kids, get to the scene in time to see what their dad did. Mencia calls the police, which leads to Benjamin’s arrest.

Samuel’s wounds didn’t kill him right away, but after being pulled out of the pool, he stumbles a few meters before collapsing and dying because of how bad they were. This makes the Elite cast cry a lot as season 5 comes to an end.

Who Killed Armando?

When Ari finds out that Armando has been mistreating her sister Menca, she talks to him about it. Ari tells Armando that Benjamn will punish him for what he did wrong, but Armando tells her to go away.

Even when Ari is out, he keeps hitting her. Guzmán goes to the dock to see how Ari is doing, but all he sees is Armando hurting her.

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He goes after Armando and shoots him to death with a flare gun. Guzmán can’t stand it when Armando hurts Ari, so he kills the person who hurts Ari. Samuel and Rebeka help Guzmán take care of the dead body so he doesn’t get charged with murder.

Guzmán, Samuel, and Rebeka throw Armando’s body into a lake. Guzmán, traumatized by killing someone, travels with Ander.

Samuel and Rebeka believe Armando is on the run to protect their pal from a murder probe. When Armando’s body resurfaces, Omar insists that Samuel call the police. The authorities suspect Benjamn of killing Armando after he harmed his daughter.

Benjamn considers reporting Guzmán as the killer without knowing the truth since he is on the road. Samuel sees Benjamn’s threat and stands up to him.

Benjamn wants Samuel to confess to the murder to divert police attention from him, fearful that his illicit affiliation with Armando may be discovered.

He offers Samuel financial, educational, and other rewards to confess, plus lawyers to bail him out. Samuel accepts and confesses his shortcomings. Guzmán’s confession helps him avoid the case.

Samuel withdraws his confession and helps bring down Benjamn for trafficking powerful people’s info with Armando.

The authorities focus on Benjamn’s misdeeds, particularly Samuel’s attempted murder or murder. Menca learns that Guzmán killed Armando, sparing her from encountering him again.

Menca enters a new courageous chapter of her life after Guzmán kills Armando. Samuel’s decision to get engaged in the case to find Armando’s killer, his best friend, is also admirable.

Armando’s death affects the Blancos, Guzmán, Samuel, and Rebeka. We hope Guzmán will get over killing Armando as he continues his mission.

Who was Responsible for Armando Death?

Ari confronts Armando after learning he abused her sister Mencia. Armando rejects Ariana’s threat that Benjamn will punish him for his mistake.

He hits Ari when she’s unconscious. Guzmán is surprised to see Armando beating Ari at the pier. He kills Armando with a flare gun.

Guzmán cannot watch Armando mistreat Ari and kills him. Samuel and Rebeka help Guzmán care for the body to clear him of murder.

Guzmán, Samuel, and Rebeka tie up and throw Armando’s body in the lake. Guzman begins a long journey with Ander after killing someone.

Samuel and Rebeka want Armando to appear to be on the run to prevent a murder investigation against their friend.

Samuel reports Armando’s body to the police at Omar’s insistence. Benjamn is suspected of killing Armando because he injured his daughter. Benjamn is arrested by police.

Benjamn considers naming Guzmán as the murderer, while not knowing the truth and being on the run. Samuel recognizes the threat Benjamn poses to his best friend and opposes him.

Benjamn begs Samuel to confess the murder to divert police attention from himself. He fears the probe will uncover his criminal ties to Armando.

He offers Samuel financial, educational, and other rewards to confess, as well as lawyers to get him out of jail. Samuel accepts and confesses that he’s always felt inadequate. Guzmán’s confession helps him avoid prosecution.

Samuel swiftly retracts his confession and helps the police put Benjamn in jail for working with Armando to traffic powerful people’s data.

Once Armando is dead, the authorities investigate Benjamn’s other crimes, including the attempted murder or execution of Samuel.

Menca hears that Guzmán killed Armando, freeing her from the fear of confronting her abuser. Guzmán’s involvement to kill Armando allows Menca to start a new, bold chapter in her life, which she thanks to Guzmán.

Samuel’s decision to get involved in the case to find Armando’s killer, his best friend, is also praiseworthy.

After Armando’s death, a cascade of events impacts the Blanco family, Guzmán, Samuel, and Rebeka. Guzmán may be able to get over killing Armando while he travels.

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