Are Steven And Callahan Still Together Joe Millionaire? What Does Kurt Do for a Living?

Joe Millionaire, are Steven and Callahan still together? Steven McBee, who was with Caleb Jackson in the first season of Joe Millionaire, seems to have moved on. In the season finale of Joe Millionaire, Steve chose Calah, but are he and Calah still together in real life? Find out if Steven and Calah from Joe Millionaire are still together by reading the story below.

The Authors Steven Mcbee and Calah Jackson

The rules of the show say that Kurt F. Sowers and Steven McBee have to pick and date two women without letting on which one is a millionaire. Steven met Calah Jackson for the first time on the show Joe Millionaire, and he was immediately attracted to her. Steve had a strong connection with Annie Jorgensen and a great vibe with her, but he can’t stop thinking about the mysterious and quiet Calah.

As Calah fell for Steven, their feelings for each other grew stronger as they went on a date. Steve also waited and let Calah open up on her own, which is how the audience of Joe Millionaire found out how well they got along. Steve chose Calah as his partner in the Finale, which surprised everyone. Find out if Steven and Calah from the movie Joe Millionaire are still together.

Are Steven and Callahan Still Together Joe Millionaire?

Steven and Calah are not married, but they live together in Missouri in Steven’s house. Steven and Calah gave each other rings at the end of the season to show that they were ready to make their love work in the real world.

Well, it looks like they kept their promise because we are happy to report that they are still together and doing well. After filming, they had to keep their relationship a secret until the end of their show’s run. The following text is called “Where Are Steven and Calah Now?”

Where Are Steven and Calah Currently Located?

Steven and Calah live in Steven’s house in Gallatin, Missouri, which is a small town. But they also said that they are looking for a place to live in Kansas City. In the meantime, the couple plans to buy furniture for their new home and eat at many restaurants they haven’t been to before. So, Steven and Calah are having the best time ever.

Steven and Calah both talked about how hard it was to keep their secret because they couldn’t go out in public together. Even so, the couple FaceTimed every day, and Steven was able to sneak Calah into his house because he lives on a farm and his closest neighbour is about 5 miles away. The two also said that they spent time cooking together and getting to know each other, which made their relationship stronger.

Will Steven And Calah Start a Family?

Steven and Calah are not going to get married soon. But no one can guess or plan for a change of heart. So, we can keep the possibility of getting married. But it looks like things are getting better between the two.

Both people seem to be living together, and both have said that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about their love lives and relationships. Because of this, they now know each other and their current relationship better. They haven’t said anything about their plans or upcoming wedding. Find out about Joe Millionaire below.

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Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer

Joe Millionaire is an American dating show that has been on Fox since 2003. In the first two seasons of the show, a group of single women competed for the attention of a bachelor who was wrongly portrayed as a millionaire. The couple would get a big reward if the last woman still alive could prove that the bachelor really liked the prank.

On January 6, 2003, the first episode of Joe Millionaire’s first season aired. The show was very well-liked. Fox said that the season finale, which was watched by an average of 34.6 million people, was the most popular entertainment show on a network since the year 2000. (not including shows that lead up to the Super Bowl). Fox picked up the show, called “The Next Joe Millionaire,” for a second season, which started in the fall of that same year.

What Does Kurt Do for a Living?

Kurt now runs his own building company and calls himself a “Builder Boy Extraordinaire” in his Instagram bio. He started the business a few years ago, after becoming well-known from the reality TV show. But he was a general contractor when the movie was being made.

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