Are Lauren and Nate From ‘The Ultimatum’ Still Together? Here’s What We Know

The new dating shows The Ultimatum on Netflix has a premise that is completely insane. Each couple on the show has at least one member who has given them an ultimatum: “Get married or get the hell out of here,” so they’re here to see if their current partner is the one they’re supposed to spend the rest of their lives with. You would be right in thinking that is the relationship counselor’s greatest fear.

Nate Ruggles and Lauren Kilos, one of the couples on the show, never even made it to the “dating around” phase of the competition. Nate proposed to Lauren before they could choose a new partner for their mock marriage. It’s worth noting that the fact that they disagreed on whether or not to start a family is a real reason why they couldn’t get past their wedding problem.

Does anyone know if these two are still together or not, given that the show was likely filmed months ago? What about the wedding, did it happen? What we do know is listed here.

They went months without posting photos of each other on Instagram. The producers of a show like An Ultimatum might urge you to delete a number of recent Instagram posts so that viewers don’t “spoil” the show by reading them in advance. Until yesterday’s reunion, fans had no idea if Lauren and Nate were still together or even married.

are nate and lauren from ultimatum still together

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together After Getting Engaged

Nate and Lauren, who had been dating for more than two and a half years at the time, were given the burden of selecting a new spouse to go through a three-week trial marriage with on the show The Ultimatum.

But before he did that, Nate proposed, despite the fact that they still had differing opinions regarding children. The members of the group, as well as those watching from home, were left with mixed feelings regarding their level of engagement.


In her essay, Lauren continued by saying that “the version of ourselves that was portrayed on The Ultimatum won’t sit well with everyone,” and that they were “slowly learning to learn to be comfortable with it.” We left early because we came to the conclusion that the experience was detrimental to us, and as a result, we were disciplined for going against the norm.


Fans had no idea if the couples involved are still together or married. One couple, Nate and Lauren Kilos, never even made it to the “dating around” phase of the show. They were left with mixed feelings regarding their level of engagement.

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