Are Kim And Matt Still Together? What Happened After Matt’s Breakup?


You will know everything about Is Kim Still Dating Matt? in this post. Let’s see what we’ve found out for you.

Kim and Matt are still together, right? Who is Kim dating at the moment? Have they already gotten married? Who is Matt’s new girlfriend? Let’s find out. If you want to find out how to answer the questions above, read this article. Let’s get started.

Are Kim and Matt Still in Contact?

Still, they get along. They recently went to an event in Austin, Texas. Do you think they can be friends again? Their love story is still missed by fans of man.

Some fans may be surprised that Kim and Matt broke up, but they did so because Matt was cheating on Kim with other women and had trouble keeping promises. They broke up because of this lack of commitment.

Kim was more interested and cared about the relationship. When Kim found out that Matt was seeing other women, it made things hard between them and led to them breaking up.

Are Kim And Matt Still Together?

Kim and Matt aren’t together anymore. Yes, you did understand it. On the show I Love a Mama’s Boy, Kim Cobb and Matt were first seen together.

It looked like they were falling in love, but then Matt started dating other women. They broke up because of this. Kelly talks to Matt about his breakup with Kim in a sneak peek for Season 3 of I Love a Mama’s Boy.

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After that, Matt went out with a girl named Brittany. This one didn’t last long either, because Matt started dating other women even though he was with Brittany. She stopped seeing him.

What Happened After Kim and Matt’s Breakup?

Matt calls his mom Kelly his best friend in the I Love a Mama’s Boy teaser because she helped him get over his breakup with Kim.

“It was sad,” he says. “We dated for four years and were engaged for almost a year. I don’t think we were a good match now that I think about it. She isn’t as fond of my mother as I am.”

“I’ll do anything to help my son get through this,” Kelly says.

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