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Overwatch Storms Esports Categories at Golden Joystick Awards

Overwatch takes home all three awards in the esports categories

by Genji

Blizzard Honor INTERNETHULK with tribute in-game

Blizzard have placed a memorial to former Team Liquid coach

by Genji

D.Va Inspired Gaming Gear Announced By Razer

Blizzard and Razer cooperate to create new line of D.Va Gaming Peripherals

by Aries

Kobolds and Catacombs Reveals Unearthed

News about the reveal of Kobolds & Catacombs cards for the first week

by Desory

Overwatch Black Friday Deal - 50% off

Blizzard cuts Overwatch's price for Black Friday

by Genji

Moira's release brings new lore for Reaper

Overwatch's new support character gives us an insight into Reaper's backstory

by Genji

New ultimate interruptions cause frustration for players

A new update means ultimate abilities can be interrupted, depleting the charge meter and leaving players frustrated.

by Genji

Blizzard Burns Electronic Art's Battlefront 2 On Twitter

Starcraft Twitter throws shade towards Battlefront 2 Team

by Aries

Overwatch Patch Notes - November 16

Moira Release, Ana Buff and Mercy Nerf just went Live

by Desory

We're looking for a news team!

Do you have what it takes to write news for us?

by YWI

Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes - November 14th

With multiple changes made, the Patch Notes also reveal that a new Hero called Alexstrasza now soars across the Nexus

by Desory

"Honour and Glory" Director's Commentary

Ben Dai talks us through the latest Overwatch Short Film

by Prabhakshavel

Starcraft 2 Is now free to play!

it has come to light that Today, November 14th Starcraft 2 has become free-to-play.

by YWI

Voltage's Decision To Leave OverTells Gaming

An explanation to why I decided to give it a rest.

by Voltage

Overwatch Free Weekend

Blizzard has decided to put up another free Weekend for Overwatch on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4

by Desory

Blizzard Considers Making An Overwatch Movie

After 66 minutes of short animations, blizzard and activision wish for an Overwatch movie.

by Desory

Honorbuddy And Hearthbuddy Forced Into Discontinuation!

Cheats for WOW, Hearthstone and others have been discontinued!

by DirtWolf

Blizzard News Round-up 4th-10th of November

In this post you will find a condensed article of the Blizzard news in the past week.

by AledAkBar

World of Warcraft Classic Yields Tears From Legacy Developers

WoW Classic's announcement shows light at the end of the tunnel for Legacy Developers

by Aries

Death Knight Cards To Be Removed From Arena On Tuesday!

Use your death knights while you can! They're gone Tuesday!

by DirtWolf

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