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Ana HotS Spotlight

More details on Ana in Heroes of the Storm

More Overwatch content being added to Heroes of the Storm!

New characters from Overwatch and a new map are coming to Heroes of the Storm

Jeff Kaplan speaks about the Reporting system and the toxicity in Overwatch

New Developer Update by Jeff Kaplan about the toxicity in Overwatch

Patch Released! All Info!

Here is all the changes from the ptr that just went live!

Junkertown Release Date!

Junkertown is being released next week!

Some D.Va Pointers From The Pros

Two interviews with GM D.Va players!

Overwatch Hero Tiers

Some heroes are must picks, and some are left in the dark. How are they ranked in tiers?

Mercy's Two New Ultimate Voice Lines

Two new voice lines have been added to the ptr for when she activates Valkyrie!

Where Have We Been?

A short post explaining what is going on with OverTells and our plans for the future.

Roadhog Comic Released

This latest comic delves into the history of Roadhog, and takes place in Junkertown.

Page 1 of 16 pages, displaying 1-10 of 157 results