Apple will launch the new cheaper iPhone with 5G in early March

In March, the first event of the year மஞ்சனா And the most important novelty will be the brand new version Your cheap cell phone, the IPhone I knowWith attachment 5G. According to experts, there will also be an update for the iPad tablet.

According to Bloomberg researcher Mark Kurman, the date selected is March 8.

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Introducing iPhone SE with 5G

The event will once again be in fully digital format. Presented by Tim Cook-led company First iPhone SE updateSince the previous model was introduced two years ago.

The most important innovation will be incorporated Support for 5G networks. But it is also expected to have improvements in the camera and processor.

At the March 8 event, a new one IPod Air Tablet Model, With faster processor and 5G connectivity. Kurman pointed out New Mac computer With Apple silicone processor.

Apple will launch the new cheaper iPhone with 5G in early March

iPhone SE 5G Price

Although it does not yet have a confirmed price or announced features, it can be valued The next cheaper version of the iPhone is like the current value.

iPhone SE, in its latest version, It sells for $ 400 in the United States64GB version or $ 450, with 128GB storage.

Apple Virtual Reality Headset

A leak last week confirmed an open secret: it is Works on Apple Virtual Reality device Compete with Meta’s Oculus and other players in the industry.

The device was known for the carelessness of the company’s developers, It’s called apple glass. It has VR and RA (Virtual and Augmented Reality) features.

In addition, the operating system is called RealtyOS.

Apple will launch the new cheaper iPhone with 5G in early March

The code (originally invented by developer Matthew Davis) is unenforceable, but contains details about it Link between RealtyOS and the iPhone operating system, iOS. If this development is confirmed, the program will be added to the list Software From Apple: In addition to iOS, iPadOS for its tablets, macOS for its computers, tvOS for TVs and watchOS for its watches.

A description: The word “reality” is mentioned nine times in the leaked code.

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