Apple will begin the process of ordering spare parts for the iPhone or Mac and repairing them

Apple will start selling for the first time Original spare parts and tools for the general public So your customers can make their own repairs on iPhones 12 and 13 and Mac systems with M1 chip.

At the moment, the so-called “self-service repair” program Will only be released in the US early next year, But the company said it intends to expand it to other countries.

Those who want to repair their iPhone or Mac at home with self service repair They can review the steps in a manual And request the necessary tools from Apple. To this end, an online store containing a list of more than 200 pieces was set up.

Apple’s new plan comes after years of pressure from consumer groups.

Necessary components and utensils will be mailed or picked up at the Apple Store. Second, Damaged or obsolete components can be returned to Apple, Which will issue a check for future purchases.

The self-service repair program comes after years of pressure from consumer groups, which has led to greater access to Apple manuals and actual parts.

At the moment, Apple only allows you to change components Screen, battery and camera On the iPhone 12 and 13. Maxes with those M1 chips will then be added, and spare parts for other components that are not normally easily damaged by the end of next year will be added for “additional repairs”.

After the program launches, new pieces will be added (Apple)

The company states that the plan is designed so that any user has access to the manuals and tools needed for the repair. “Individual Technicians” Advanced knowledge to repair electronic devices.

In 2019, Apple launched a program for independent repair shops to purchase its parts, tools and manuals. The company said it now has 2,800 independent workshops under its program, in addition to 5,000 directly accredited repair providers.

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